Saturday, 30 August 2014

Challenge 251 - Pearls


Seems there's good news on the horizon.... Hurricane Christabel is coming..... and she's bringing summer back, or so the weatherman says.  I might just wait and see ;)

Thanks to the players from last week our winner is May - grab the blinkie!

So this week we're welcoming a new Gorjussette to the fold - please welcome Natalie


So dig your pearls out folks and lets see how you use them!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Challenge 250 - sory

Yo!  Well it seems to be official.... summer is over!  Roll on next summer I say!

Thanks to our players from last week, the lucky winner is Silje please help yourself to our blinkie.

So onto this weeks theme - this week its one of those times when you need  a card that says 'sorry'

Two of the Gorjussettes have some inspiration for you

So good huh?

Now we've a couple of gaps in the Gorjussette team - wanna play?  If so please add DT after your entry or please drop me an email.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Challenge 249 - special celebration

Well howdy there from wintery TG Towers.  yes today felt like flipping winter!  And tonight I"ve put the heating on!

Sorry for being absent last week but here we are at last.  The last winner is Lidia

This week we'd like to see something for a special celebration - there are plenty to choose from aren't there?




So we'd love to see what you can share with us.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Challenge 247

Now howdy!

What a mix of weather - who stole summer?  And bring it back!

Apologies for last week - my computer decided not to play, so it went to the computer hospital.... THREE times!  What a pain that was, not only all the trips but hardly any t'interweb.... I mean what are you supposed to do?  I managed to speak to my husband..... and you know he seems like an OK kind of guy :)

So hopefully all back to normal now, well whatever that is!

Our theme this week is nice and summery (haha see above!) and its flowers.

Grab a look at these beauties;


So pretty huh?

So we'd love to see your floral creations too.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Challenge 245 - Butterflies

Howdy there folks - isn't this weather lovely?  We've had summer for the last couple of days, though we've storms promised for tomorrow....  I hope summer comes back!

Thanks for playing along last week, the RPT has done his stuff and he's chosen Brandy as the winner - please take the blinkie

This weeks theme is butterflies the Gorjussettes have flown in with some inspiration;








So aren't those pretty?  We love to see what you make.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Challenge 244 - Tag it

Howdy there peeps - we have summer!  Woohooo!  I thought he'd cleared off the other week, well I mean I put the heating on I was so flipping cold....  So for now summer is back!

Thanks to our players from last week - the RPT has done his stuff and he's chosen Granne as the winner - please grab yourself our blinkie.

So this week we'd like there to be a tag on your card - easy huh?

Some inspiration for you...







So fab huh?

As always please remember the roolz!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Challenge 243 - bling

Well howdy there folks, quick one from me - I had a lovely post all typed.... I thought I'd scheduled it... er basically its floating somewhere on t'interweb!

So lasts weeks winner is Coops - please take the blinkie!

This week we'd like to see some bling on your creations - ready?






So lets see you get your bling on!