Saturday 27 March 2010

Challenge 23 - hearts!

Howdy Bloggers! I do believe we've had a teeny tiny bit of spring! We must have as my 3 daffodils are clawing their way through the clay in my garden! Its annoying really as I planted about 200 of them initially! The clay has beaten them wholeheartedly, no more daffodils for me. I did see some plastic ones in someones garden one time... Perhaps not eh?

So thanks to all who came to play last week! We tried to comment where we could but its a full time job! The Gorjussettes have tried and were suitably impressed by what they saw. The Random Picky Thing was a bit mardy when I threw all the names in! However a quick prod with a spanner soon saw him right. He had a bit of a chug and he picked Mina Email me your details and I'll sort you your prize from Crafters Companion.

This week I asked the Gorjussettes to show me the lurve! Well not literally you understand. I wanted to see hearts on their work. So that can be a heart shaped item, hearts on the image, paper etc etc This week we're sponsored by the super Tracy from Dies to Die For Now she has got some marvellous new stuff in, I wonder if I can enter?.... Oh that'll be a no then! Oh well I suppose I'll show you what the girls have done.

So aren't they superb? Paola's choccy box is yummy! Milk chocs for me Paola ;))

So we'd love to see how you show us your heart. Please enter via Mr Linky linking to your post and not your blog. For non bloggers please email

Saturday 20 March 2010

Challenge 22 - Ribbon!

Howdy doody Bloggers!

How are you all? Have you had some of the lovely sunshine we've had? Mind you its absolutely tipped it down with rain tonight which led to a 'very interesting' drive home on the motorway! Why do you need fog lights on in the rain anyone?? Still we'd been to see Katharine Jenkins - she was FAB-U-LOUS!!!

Now I can see lots of you have been busy! You've certainly shared your sweet stuff with us and wow it surely was! Thank you to all who came to play. Its been lovely looking at your things.

So I gathered up all the names and chucked them in the direction of the Random Picky Thing, he had a bit of a chug and a whirr and threw back Lisa Not literally threw her you understand...;)) If you send me your details Lisa I'll post your paper out to you.

So onto this weeks challenge. We'd like to see some ribbon on your work! How do you fancy that? I bet you'll fancy this weeks prize - its a £10 voucher from Crafters Companion! There's some fab things over there - you'll be spoilt for choice! So enough of me rambling... though if you like I can do an hour for you easy... OK I'll shut up and show you the DT's cards ;))

Well there you go - that's what the girls have done with their ribbon - what are you going to do with yours?

We'd love to see. So if you want to share please enter using new work only via Mr Linky. Link to your entry and not your blog. Non bloggers can enter via email at

Saturday 13 March 2010

Challenge 21 - Sweet!

Howdy! Thanks to everyone who came to play with my sketch last week! There were some lovely cards (I've tons of ideas now!). Sorry if I didn't comment, Blogger decided that for some reason I should remain mute! Some might say that can only be a good thing.... A girl could get upset here you know....But I won't!

So who did the Random Picky thing pick? He chugged a bit and he picked Lesley! Email me your details Lesley and I can sort you out with that fabby voucher from Joanna Sheen!

So onto this week - well I thought to myself what a sweet bunch the Gorjussettes are and then it hit me! Inspiration that it. I asked them for something sweet! Now this (like all my challenges) is open to interpretation ;)) So it can either be a sweet image or an image of something sweet. Oh you may notice a bit of a theme going on from the DT cards, obviously great minds think alike in our choice of stamps! Not that all the cards aren't great because they are just FAB-U-LOUS. Oh the prize this week - I almost forgot! This week the prize is a selection of papers, I know you won't have enough paper. I mean can you ever have enough paper?

So I'll shut up and let you see them....

So aren't they just yummy? So we'd lurve to see something sweet from you too. usual Gorjuss rulles apply - new stuff only please and enter via Mr Linky, linking to your entry not your blog. Email totallygorjuss@gmail for you non bloggers

Saturday 6 March 2010

Challenge 20 - its a sketch!

Yo! Howdy there peeps!

Yes I have a bit of a spring in my step! All down to a couple of things, well three.... the sun has been shining (please let it continue!) And tonight, well Friday so technically yesterday but seeing as I've not been to bed yet its still today... you get my drift? the purchase of the most fab dress and shoes! Well since purchase of last fab dress and shoes ;)) Well you have to don't you? Well if you're me you do.

Some news before I begin - I hope you're still awake. I'd like you to welcome three new Gorjussettes to the team. We pleased to have Squirrel, Debs and Amanda join us. I'm sure they'll be an asset to us and I know they're raring to go.

OK I know I'm rambling... So BIG thanks again to all who came to play last week. There's going to be some happy mummies out there when they receive those beauties. So I gave the random Picky Thing a kick (because I could and I'm like that) and chucked in the names. He grumbled a bit and tried to kick me back! Then he gave me a name - Well done Samantha who entered by email. Please send me your details.

Apologies for not putting up a photo - I know I are a bad person.....

Anyway over to this weeks challenge. A nice simple sketch, well I drew it and I only do simple ;)) This week we're sponsored by the fabby Joanna Sheen The lucky winner will recieve a £10 voucher to spend in her shop - how good is that? Trust me there's loads to choose from!

So here's the sketch

And here's what the girls have done.

So there you go - fab huh? Now as its a sketch of course you can have any subject you like. So please enter via Mr Linky - the threats last week worked and he behaved! Please link to your entry and not your blog - new work only please! Email for non-bloggers to