Saturday 25 September 2010

Challenge 49 - Christmas

Wowser! Thanks to all you wild things who came to play! Oh my you're animals! The lot of you... even the one with the cute worm on! Well it is an animal isn't it? Absolutely beautiful. I can say on behalf of the Gorjussettes and myself (oh how swanky sounding is that?) that its fab to see you all come and play with us. Now as you're reading this yours truly, that's moi is off on her jollies and experiencing some serious sun! Oh and golf oh and purely for research purposes I may be involved in a teeny tiny amount of stash acquisition..... Well what's a girl to do when such havens of stash are on her doorstep? Yup go in and spend is the answer!

So enough of me gloating.... Is it raining?

This week our challenge is really helpful - its Christmas! I know we all need help to get ahead with all those cards. Well I do for sure! It'll make a change for me not to make and send on the same day, oh and pray the glues dry! ~blushes~

This week we're kindly sponsored by Cupids Clear Stamps - they have some lovely images and are a treat to stamp with. This week the winner is Vicky email me please with the challenge number in the title;))

So as usual the Gorjussttes have been fantastic;

As usual please enter by our good friend Mr Linky, he's being quite good recently.....I do hope its not a mistake to say that!

Friday 17 September 2010

Challenge 48 - Wild Thing

Howdy there peepsters! Rawrrr!!!! Oh that's just me being wild, bear with me, oh another animal pun! Gee how do I do it? Or why? ;)) More of that shortly. So are you in winter mode? Seems we are in my neck of the woods. Oh not forgetting the rain, the high winds... oh its been delightful.... NOT! Oh and pretty chilly too.

So MASSIVE thanks to our players from last week - it seems lots of you are partial to the odd flower or two as well as me. Well as I said last week I tried to resign from the DT just so I could enter.... they were having none of it though, I mean I'd have come back this week ;)) So I threw all the names into the RPT and boy did he groan! He chugged and churned and he picked Susie Sunshine (how I wish it was!) If you email me your details I'll pass them on and then you'll be the lucky recipient of that floral lushness courtesy of Wild Orchid Crafts Lucky you!

So this weeks challenge, you recall well if you aren't asleep yet you will my references to animals? Well this week we want to see an animal on your card. I know its called wild thing but we'll accept any animal. My own personal animals have their wild moments for sure! This week we're kindly sponsored by Crafters Companion. A £10 voucher for you to treat yourself with - I know you're worth it ;))

Well I'm sure I've rabbited (another animal joke there!) on enough.

Here's what the Gorjussettes have done to inspire you

So don't they make you go wild with inspiration? Well those and the chance of that nice voucher from the lovely peeps at Crafters Companion

So please enter via good old Mr Linky and link to your entry and not your whole blog. No back dating of entries please and new stuff only.

Thursday 9 September 2010

Challenge 47 - flower

Well hello there my little blogging flowers! Oh the humour! It'll come to you eventually... honest it will. Well as you're reading this I'm on a quick break to Vegas! Wow I hear you say how lucky is she eh? I mean Vegas for a short break! OK I'll 'fess up its Skeg-Vegas! Off for a weekend to Skegness with some pals. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it does really? Vegas or Skegness.... hmmm..... well I've been to both and I enjoyed them both! Vegas proper does tend to be warmer though! Oh and just in case you think that all of a sudden I've gone techy and clever and have scheduled this... think again Bloggettes! My friend Gorjussette Gez is very kindly posting! Thanks honey ;))

Thanks to those of you who came to play last week. The RPT has picked Nicky as the lucky winner of the Joanna Sheen voucher for £10 of treats. Now I promised to fill you in on my flower 'joke' this week we want to see flowers on your card! We're also sponsored by the fabby Wild Orchid Crafts. Cop a load of the prize they've given! Its L U S H!!! I asked if I could resign this week and enter myself... For reasons of decency I'll not give the answer that I got.... I think it meant 'no you may not'....;))

So the prize

Heres the inspiration from the Gorjussettes

Please enter via Mr Linky and link to your entry and not your blog

Friday 3 September 2010

Challenge 46 - its a sketch

Yo there peeps! How y'all doing? Well we have a bit of an Indian Summer thing going on here at the moment. Its lovely! Mind you I'd have liked a proper summer as well.... but hey this is better than all that rain and stuff. I hope its nice in whichever corner of the world you're in. Hmm how can you have a 'corner' in the world? I mean its round isn't it? And if its round it doesn't have corners.... Oh thanks for all your good wishes for my Harry. She's a lot better now thanks very much.

So thanks to last weeks players. Looks like a lot of you are getting ahead on your Christmas cards! I am too, well a bit and much more than usual. Most of mine are last minute and the glue just about dry before they hit the envelopes ;)) So I got the Random Picky Thing going and he picked Franca Email me your details and I'll get the prize off to you, please include the challenge number in the title line.

So this week is our Joanna Sheen week which means we have a nice easy sketch, well I drew it and I only can do easy! This weeks lucky winner will a £10 spend in Joannas super shop! Heck there's even free post and packing so its a full £10 of crafty wonderment for you. Oh and there are some absolutely fantastic things in there. I'm boring you all now aren't I? So....

Here's the nice easy sketch

And here's the inspiration from the Fantastic Gorjussettes;

Fab huh?

You can turn, twist, rotate or flip the sketch - we'd like to see it somewhere in your submission though ;))

Please only submit new work and no back dating, they won't go into the random Picky Thing. Oh and while I'm nagging (only teasing) please link to your entry and not your whole blog.