Saturday 24 September 2011

Challenge 99 - birds of a feather!


Howdy there folks! Have you had a good week? I have ;)) But more of that another time.

Ooh its only anohter two weeks till Strictlys back! Oh and Dancing with the Stars on 'Watch' I shall be glued to the box - obviously it will need to be strong glue! It takes me back to watching dancing on TV when I was small. It still amazes me that they can move their feet so quick without dislocating anything, I mean do those people have double hip joints or something? It does seem to be pretty good for your figure, I might have to take it up!

So who was last weeks lucky winner? The RPT picked Carol please email me with the challenge number in the title.

So on a loose connection to the dancing, bear with me here folks, what's the challenge this week? Well I spotted one of dancers had a beautiful dress with feathery stuff on... that's it I thought! So birds of a feather it is! See I said it was a loose connection ;)) So either a bird, feather or both on your entry please. This week we're sponsored by the lovely girlies from Lili of the Valley

The Gorjussettes just flew straight to it!

with tag

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So have you seen our DT call out? would you like to play with the Gorjussettes?

Saturday 17 September 2011

Challenge 98 - Nothing square about me

Howdy there! How are y'all? Blimey I went all American for a moment! Whatever brought that on.... Maybe its because I'd just checked the weather forecast for my favourite beach and that's lots of sun! Not what we're expecting over here. Mind you it doesn't help that all the shops seem to be crammed with Christmas stuff already. I mean are we even having one this year???

So thanks to last weeks players - you are all so clever! The RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Lydia Please email me with the challenge number in the title.

Onto this weeks theme, well I'm in a crafting rut I think. All my cards lately are square! So the challenge is nothing square! You may use square mats but the card shape itself cannot be square. Our kind sponsor this week is Simon Say Stamp, the winner will get $10 to spend instore.

The Gorjussettes are anything but square!


Please remember our simple rules; new stuff only, no back dating, link to here, link to your entry - so come on don't be square!

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Saturday 10 September 2011

Challenge 97 - Its a man thing!

Howdy there folks - I hope you're all well in our little corner of Blogland.

I'd like to send lots of love and prayers to all the people who were affected by 9/11, a sad day indeed.

Have you had wind? We have and its been awful! I am of course referring to the wind which blows outside! Blimey its been really wild! I think I have to admit we're in Autumn now... even though its not supposed to be until the 21st of September. With a bit of luck we won't have a winter like the last!

Thanks to you who came to play with my sketch - you made a great job!

The RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Feebsy please email me with the challenge number in the title and I'll sort your prize.

So what's the challenge this week? Well its time for a man thing! So lets see something for men/boys/lads/chaps/blokies.... You get my drift? This week we're sponsored by Crafters Companion and the lucky winner will receive £10 to spend on line!

As usual the Gorjussettes have come up trumps.


Saturday 3 September 2011

Challenge 96 - its a sketch!

Well howdy there! Stop press! We've had a bit of summer! How good is that? Oh and pretty amazing and very very welcome indeedy. I've got my fingers crossed it continues. Well after the garage acrobatics last week my bruises are some lovely shades. They've faded from Dusty Concord and Barn Door to Milled Lavender, hints of Mustard Seed and Bundled sage. I thought describing them that way would give you a clue don't worry I won't frighten you with pictures!

Well now I must pass on mahoosive thanks to all you players last week! However.... I have to say chucking all those names in the RPT with my achey bones was not good.... and the poor old RPT wasn't impressed either. He groaned and grumbled and chugged and stuttered, jammed, whined, smoked, steamed and finally gently dropped a name out..... It took him ages! the name he chose is Lillian Email me your details with the challenge number in the title and I'll sort your super kennyK prize out.

So what's the challenge this week? Its sketch time folks, easy as always ;)) Once again we're sponsored by the fabulous Joanna Sheen the lucky winner gets £10 to spend in Joannas super online shop - which incidentally is cram packed with fabulous goodies!

So here's the easy sketch;
And here's the inspiration form the fabulous Gorjussettes;

So fabulous huh? I had to check it was that easy sketch of mine!

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