Saturday 29 December 2012

Challenge 164 - New!

Oh my its almost the end of 2012!  Wherever did it go to so quickly?  For us its been a blur of Diamond Jubilee celebrations, The Olympics and rain!  Lots and lots of rain.... amazingly they say we haven't beaten the record for the wettest year ever!   That is the most surprising thing I've heard.... like ever!

So were you all good and got a nice visit from Santa?  Did he fill your stocking with all things crafty?  Mine were sadly lacking.... I have self filled after though ~thumbs up!~

So lets see who won last week?  The RPT did his thing and he chose Lynn - please email me your details with the challenge number in the title.

So this week challenge?  Well seeing as I really hoped Santa came to see you and brought you some stash I want to see some new stuff on your card, now if you weren't as good as that a card for a new event will be perfect!  Our sponsor this week are those amazing girlies at LOTV  One lucky person is going to get themselves some rubbah!

As always the Gorjussettes have something wonderful to share;

Amazeballs huh?

I wonder which is the new stash?  I'm sure if you pop over to their blogs they'll share - and trust me these girls know how to find a bargain!

As always please remember the rules!

Saturday 22 December 2012

Challenge 163- Easy Does It .

Well can you believe we are at the end of another year! That means if you entered every one of our challenges this year you will have made 52 cards!!!!

 And the world never ended yesterday. Just as well as we have a new challenge for you. Our leader Net is not well :((. We wish her a speedy recovery. So I (Sarah) am puttting this post on.

Who won last weeks challenge? None other than no 20 Holly G . congratulations. Can you contact us to claim your prize.

 We know this time of year is very busy for many of you and you may not have a lot of time to craft so this weeks challenge should be right up your street.

Easy Does It

Our sponsor this week is Craftwork Cards

As always the Gorjussettes have come up with some inspiration for you.

Well there is some great inspiration for you!

So always please remember the rules!

Hugs Sarah x

Saturday 15 December 2012

Challenge 162 - for someone special

Howdy!  Well what a load of rubbish our weathers been!  Lets just say its been not my favourite!  And when a friend said she's off to the sun... well I sort of smiled and said enjoy... well best I could through gritted teeth!

So thanks to our players last week - lovely as always.  The RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Dr Sonia please email me your details with the challenge number in the title.

So as its getting near 'that time' (but surely its still ages away right?) Its time for a card for that special someone.  Our kind sponsor this week is Milk and Coffee stamps.  One lucky winner will get to choose their own digis - it'll take you ages!  Only because there are so may beauties to choose from.

As always the Gorjussettes have come up with some inspiration for you.


Cool huh?  Not sure who that interloper on the end is....  Some of our regular Gorjussettes are suffering with nasty winter bugs - please send them lots of healing vibes.

So always please remember the rules!


Saturday 8 December 2012

Challenge 161 - Oh no snow!

Hey I hope the title of this didn't scare anyone!  Luckily we DON'T have snow, me personally doesn't want any either.... not a flake thank you very much.  Well not until I'm safely holed up indoors and don't have to venture out.  I mean its pretty and all that but its cold, buggers up transport and looks mucky after 5 minutes!  Looks nice in pictures though....

Thanks to all of you who played last week - you all must have stayed in in the warm!  The RPT has done his stuff, mind you I had to thaw him out first, and he's picked Janiel as the Joanna Sheen voucher winner. Please email me with the challenge number in the title, oh and take our blinkie for you sidebar.

So what's the theme this week?  Oh I believe I gave you all a clue....  Yes this week the theme is 'Oh no snow!'  So lets see snow on your projects.  Our sponsor is Crafters Companion one lucky person will get £10 to spend online.  I might just enter myself.....

The Gorjussettes wrapped up and got their snow on;

How fantastic are those then huh?  Makes me shiver just looking at them ;))

So come and share your snow stuff with us and please remember the rules as always.


Saturday 1 December 2012

Challenge 160 - anything goes....with glitter!

Well howdy there folks!  How are you all?  Enjoying this frosty weather?  Nope me neither!  I think I might hibernate till summer.  Though if its like this year I guess I might be in hibernation for months on end!

Thanks to our players from last week, wonderful as always.  I deiced the RPT and he chose Moira as our lucky winner.  Please email me with the challenge number in the title.

So onto this week's challenge, another nice one - Anything goes with glitter - and it does too!  Our kind sponsor this week is the lovely Joanna Sheen The lucky winner will receive £10 for online spends.

So without further ado (and seeing as I'm late) here's the inspiration from the fabulous Gorjussettes;

So lets she your glittery creations too!

As always please remember the rules!