Saturday 31 March 2012

Challenge 125 - Swirly Whirly!

Ah-choo! Typical huh? Sunny weather and I'm sneezing my head off! Don't worry it doesn't mean I want that nasty weather back. Heck its only sneezing.... oh and coughing and wheezing.... still bring on the sun I say. Thought Mr Weather Forecaster says this weekend is going to be cooler. Typically its coming up for a bank holiday too - who'd have guessed?

So thanks to our players from last week. The RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Kobie email me with the challenge number in the title line please.

So onto this week - this week we want to see some swirls and whirls! We're sponsored by those fabby folks at Meyer Imports - those of that extra sparkly twinkly German glass glitter.

The Gorjussettes have a little inspiration for you....

So pretty fabulous huh?

So please be good and remember the rules! None rule obeyers don't go in the draw - simples ;-))

Please use Mr Linky and link directly to your entry, oh and this new double word verification thing? Its horrible! Please turn it off.....

Saturday 24 March 2012

Challenge 124 - Spots and Stripes

Well howdy there peeps - have you got lovely Spring weather? Its been lovely here this week.... so why then have I got a stinking cold? I mean come on I've just about avoided one all winter! So after two sneezes my hooter is very Rudolph-esque! I also remembered this mornig why I don't like liquid Day Nurse..... it makes me feel really sick. Unfortunately I only remembered just after I'd had it! Doh!

So thanks to our players from last week - there were some beautiful creations out there! The RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Lizy Email me your details with the challenge number in the title and I'll sort your prize out for you. In addition Lizy you can also display our new winners blinkie! How fabulous is this huh?

Its designed by our very own Samantha! So a big YAY!

Right onto this weeks challenge, we'd like to see some spots and stripes on your creations - two of my personal favourites ;-)) Our sponsor this week is those lovely girls from Lili of the Valley Some of their lovely rubbah to one lucky winner! So get those spots and stripes out peeps! The Gorjussettes have hit the spot with some inspiration for you.

So there you go - I knew those would hit the spot!

So please remember the rules - and lets see what you make!

Saturday 17 March 2012

Challenge 123 - Spring!

Well howdy there folks!

Have you all had a good week? Here at Caique-Momma Towers its manic to say the least - but when isn't it?... Still at least this weekend I'm having one day off. Sunday I'm off to the GNPE at Harrogate, so if you see a frazzled looking type with huge bags under her eyes give me a nudge and say hello!

Thanks to our players from last week - the RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Lea Email me with the challenge number in the title and I'll sort your prize out.

So as we've been enjoying some lovely weather of late the Gorjussettes have sprung into action. So while they were so lively I sprang a challenge on them.... a theme going here folks - stay with me... this weeks challenge is Spring! Laugh? I thought you'd never start!

This week our sponsor is Heathers Hobbie Haven a lucky winner will receive a $10 voucher to spend online - Heather has some fabulous things to colour and colour with - you will not be disappointed!

So here's the inspiration..

So aren't they beautiful? So come on and Spring into action we'd love to see what you make!

Remember the rules too!

Saturday 10 March 2012

Challenge 122 - anything goes with a button!

Howdy there folks - have you had some of this lovely spring weather? Mind you its been a bit mixed here, sun, rain, wind and snow! Its been like April - a real mixed bag. Still the snow didn't come to anything thank goodness.

Thanks to our players from last week - its lovely to come and visit. I have to say though this new word verification thing on Blogger is awful! Very difficult to read - please consider turning it off :))

So the random picky thing has done his stuff and the winner of that Joanna Sheen voucher is Mina email me your details with the challenge number in the title.

So what's the challenge this week? Another easy one 'Anything goes with a button' and it does too! this week we're sponsored by Crafters Companion The lucky winner will get £10 to spend online - and have you seen those fabulous new paintbox Poppets? They are LUSH!

So the Gorjussettes have some inspiration for you.

So how fabulous are they? Yup pretty darn fabulous!

So come on get those buttons out and come and join us!

Please remember the rules and think about word verification ;-))

Saturday 3 March 2012

Challenge 121 - its a sketch

When its spring again I'll bring again tulips from Hamster-Jam..... Well technically speaking its not spring and you don't get tulips from hamster-jam because that wouldn't be fair on hamsters.... though the last one we had was an evil bitey little creature. Now maybe it was because he was bald.... yup not one hair on his little body! Oh and bald hamsters do loose that cute 'ahh' factor! I suppose its the sunshine we've had for the last couple of days that's perked me up. Though I think winter is back over the weekend :-(( Still it was nice while it lasted!

So thanks to our yummy players from last week - delicious creations! the RPT licked his lips and picked a winner and that is Angela Please email me with the challenge number in the title.

So seeing as its the start of a new month (where is the time flying to?) That means its a sketch! As always our sketches are sponsored by the fabulous Joanna Sheen One lucky winner gets £10 to spend on line! And with free p and p that's a whole £10 to treat yourself with! Now a little bird tells me there's some fabulous new goodies in real soon!

So I've waffled enough - here's the sketch - easy huh?

And here's the inspiration from the Gorjussettes.









So there you go how fabulous are they? That's right - incredibly fabulous!

So we'd love to see your creations too - please remember our rules ;))