Friday 25 March 2011

Challenge 73 - Spring is sprung!

~waves~ Hiya there folks - are you enjoying this fabulous spring weather? I'm absolutely LOVING it! Ideally now I'd like it to last until November... However I doubt that somehow as our forecast is for it to be not so nice tomorrow. I've got everything crossed for it to come back soon though.

So many thanks to you all who came to play last week - you certainly love your buttons! So I dragged the Random Picky Thing out of the sun, he was only out there in his shades! He soon picked a name just so he could get back to the sun I think ;)) The name he picked was Lizy!
Email me your details with the challenge number in the title line and that shopping trip to Simon says Stamp is yours!

So what's it to be this week? Well seeing as its now officially spring I thought that was it! So let it be spring! Now anything to do with spring folks - our kind sponsor this week is Handy Hippo
the lucky winner will receive a selection of lushness to play with. Now I always used to get my card from a certain place which has just closed all its retail outlets...:(( Now I've discovered Handy Hippo's card packs - OH MY! they are fabuous. You need them;))

So as usual the Gorjussettes have sprung into action!

So fabulous as always huh?

I hope they make you spring into action...

As always please new stuff only, link to your entry and not your blog, just our usual rules.

If you've time why not pop and leave the Gorjussettes some lurve? I know they'd appreciate it.

Saturday 19 March 2011

Challenge 72 - Button it!

Howdy folks!

Are you looking forward to your weekend? I am, tomorrow I'm off sewing and then Sunday its the Northern Papercrafts show. I have compiled a moderate list.... that's moderate by my standards! I've cash/plastic/cheques so hopefully I should get what I need.... OK OK want then ;))

Thanks as always to our lovely players. There's a lot of pearls and lace fans out there! The lucky winner is Irene Email your details to me with the challenge number in the title line and I'll sort you out your prize.

Now this week.... what shall we have? Well Harry has something new that she can say.... Button it! Can't think where she got that from! This week we're kindly sponsored by Simon Says Stamp

The lucky winner will receive a $10 voucher for their online store. They've got everthing you could want! And then things you didn't know you wanted!

So here's the inspiration from the Gorjussettes;

So there you go! I bet this is the first challenge ever inspired by a parrot!

As always new stuff only folks, link to your entry and not your whole blog, no back dating either please.

Saturday 12 March 2011

Challenge 71 - Pearls and Lace


Crikey its cold again! I have the temperature reading one thing and my body says no that can't be right because I'm frozen! I think its down to the icy wind. Its what my Mum used to call a lazy wind.... it doesn't go round you.... it goes straight through! I reckon its blowing directly from the Arctic. I checked the map and its pretty much a direct line from there to here. Mind you Scotland has snow forecast! Still its not as bad as what's happened in Japan - how awful. If any of your loved ones are in that part of the world I hope they're safe.

And some important news - DT call out going on! Check the sidebar for details!

This week we have to say bye to Alberto - good luck in the future Alberto!

OK - thanks as always to last weeks players, you made my simple little sketch look really special! The RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Heidi email me your details and include the challenge number in the title please.

So what would we like this week? Well this week we'd be liking to see 'Pearls and Lace' on your entries. This week we're again sponsored by Sarah at Crafters Companion, the lucky winner will receive £10 to spend in their online store! You'll be spoilt for choice as there's everything you need!

As always the Gorjussettes have made some wonderful inspiration for you.

So there you go!

Fab huh? So remember our easy rules - new stuff only please - no backdating - link to your entry and not your whole blog - see said they were easy!

Friday 4 March 2011

Challenge 70 - its a sketch

Yo there peeps - how you all doing? I do realise that at this time quite a few of you, especially my side of the pond, are probably sensible folk and are tucked up in their beds. I've another couple of hours to go, then I'm up again in a couple more! Oh that's not through some super keen mind who wants to crack on oh no! I just don't sleep! So if I'm up early like that why am I NOT a morning person? lol

Oh we've still got turf wars or should that be conifer wars? going on for the top spot in the tallest conifer. I mean its really tall so you'd thing there'd be enough room for everyone..... oh no everyone wants the penthouse! I'll keep you posted who wins.

So thanks to you all who played 'black and' last week. I've done the RPT and he's picked Lisa Jane email me your details with the challenge number in the title and I suppose I'll have to send you that fabulous Tando chippie..... ~sighs~

So what's the challenge this week? Well its the first week of the month so its a sketch! Easy naturally... Again we're kindly sponsored by Joanna Sheen the lucky winner will receive £10 to spend in her online super store! And with free p and p... well its even better. Oh and little birdie told me there's some rather luscious new goodies just in.....

So here's the sketch, like I said easy ;))
The inspiration for the fabulous Gorjussettes;

So aren't they fabulous? We'd love you to share your interpretation of our little sketch with us. There's a prize remember!

If you pop over the the Gorjussettes blogs you can see how they've made their cards - leave them a little lurve!

So the rules - new stuff only, no back dating and link to your entry and not your blog. Please turn word verification off! It really makes commenting much more time consuming. If you want to check what goes on your blog change over to blog owner approval ;))

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