Saturday 26 January 2013

Challenge 168 - Flowers!

Howdy there folks - have you got snow?  We had quite a bit, then it started going and now its piling it down again!  Great huh?  Though they've forecast torrential rain for the rest of the weekend.  Which after the floods we had before the snow is just what we need!  Oh but they've come up with a brilliant way to help stop the floods... everyone should build a snowman!  Yes I had to check the date on the newspaper that it wasn't 1st April - apparently because piles of snow take longer to melt it'll lessen the risk of flooding....  Yes I know absolutely crazy!

So thanks to the entries form last week the RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Wiccababe  email me with the challenge number in the title line.

So onto this weeks challenge.  Its a nice easy one - flowers!  This week we're welcoming not one but two new sponsors!  One is the fabulous Ribbon Girl  one lucky person get £10 to dive into some ribbon with.  Then the second sponsor is Bugaboo Stamps  so another lucky winner will get $21 to spend in their fantastic online digi heaven!  Amazballs huh?

The DT have had some Bugaboo images to play with - so ready?


So fab huh and remember two chances to win!

As always please remember the rules ;)


Saturday 19 January 2013

Challenge 167 - KISS

Oh my I've got snow madness!  Well that and stir-craziness too.... a lethal combination for sure.  My garden is currently dressed in about 6 inches of snow... and ME NO LIKEY!!!  Well OK it kind of looks pretty through the window but we deal with it so badly :((  Almost everyone turns into a muppet driver and acts really stupid.  The other day some people threw stones at a gritter because it wasn't going fast enough!!  How dumb (and dangerous?) is that?  So if you're out stay safe.  I still can't walk far enough to go out, so more staying in for me.  I have consoled myself with a degree of online shopping though - like to keep the postie busy.

Well more news here - we have our Guest Gorjussettes!  We would have loved to take you all but sadly that's not possible.  So into the mad house please welcome Christine, Tessa and Anke, and KatW

Now thanks to our spotty players from last week - the RPT has chosen Chanelle  please email me with the challenge number in the title.

So onto this weeks challenge its a personal favourite of the Gorjussettes.... KISS  Which of course means Keep It Simple Silly!  This week we're again sponsored by Crafters Companion and the lucky winner gets £10 to spend online.

So here's some inspiration from the Gorjussettes

So there you go - fabby huh?

So as always please remember the rules - if you don't play by them.... well you can guess the rest ;-))


Saturday 12 January 2013

Challenge 166 - Spotty!

Hi there peeps! Don't panic, don't panic!

 I don't have another ailment! More later... Well I almost fainted when I read the headlines on our paper snow! three, yes THREE weeks of snow and temperatures of -14! Yikes!!! now I know to some of you folks who live in wintry climes experience much more than that.... but please remember I'm a wimp who likes it hot and sunny. Heck I should have been born in a hot sunny country... Mother why didn't you have me in a hot sunny country???

The OM thought a bit of snow was a good idea to play in my new wheels - he soon changed tack when I pointed the temperature bit out though!

So back to the spotty bit - that's the challenge title this week. Luckily I don't have spots, the poorly foot is quite enough to be going on with. So firstly the winner of the voucher from J &C Creations is Ria please email me with the challenge number in the title.

So as I said I've no spots... but the cards this have! This week we welcome another new sponsor! yay a big Gorjuss shout for Bunny Zoe one lucky person will get a voucher for £10 of online goodness! And boy is there plenty to choose from! I thought about entering myself.....

As always the Gorjussettes have come up with some inspiration for you...

So fab huh?

Spots in front of your eyes?  Good!

So lets see your creations too - as always remember the rules!

Saturday 5 January 2013

Challenge 165 - Anything goes with ribbon!

Hiya there peeps!  A quick check on the weather.... its NOT RAINING!!!  I know how amazing huh?  I'm not saying it won't later but at the moment its dry.  Which pleased Dudley my old kitty cat when he was evicted this morning.  Yes I'm wicked and do turf him out sometimes when its a little wet.... and I'm fairly sure he calls me something nasty in kitty speak as he goes out!  Well if the look he gives me is anything to go by he does!  I'm going nowhere rain or not - I've had an operation on my foot so can't drive.... I'm stir crazy already and my beloved are not nurse material :-((

Still it'll soon be better (I hope).

So the winner from last week is Sasha please email me your details with the challenge number in the title.

Now here's some news for you - this week I'd like to welcome a brand new sponsor to Totally Gorjuss J and C Creations  I've been lucky enough to meet these lovely folks and boy do they have some amazing stuff!  My wish list grew a foot! (and it was tiny writing too!) They're giving one lucky winner a £10 voucher for online treats!  Fill ya boots!  So the theme for this is Anything goes with ribbon!  So you can create whatever you with but it must include ribbon!

As always the Gorjussettes have some inspiration to well inspire you;

So faberlous huh?  Some people have used sneakily small amounts of that'll be me then....

So as always please remember the rules!