Friday 25 June 2010

Challenge 36 - its in the bag!

Howdy doody readers!

Sunny enough for you? Oh it is for me its FAB-U-LOUS! Well it is if you've in the same bit of the world as me. One of my Gorjussettes is in a much cooler spot - sending you sunshine Paola! Oh she has some of the football stuff going on too. I can happily say I've not seen any of this World Cup malarky ;))

So enough football talk. Lets get onto important stuff! Our last challenge - big thanks to all who came and played - super super super makes. Thanks so much!

I chucked all the names in the RPT and he obligingly picked Christi Email me your details and I'll sort your prize out.

So what's this weeks challenge? Well I thought you all needed a challenge :0)) So I thought and I thought and then thought a bit more.... then I looked at the bags on my desk.... and thought.... Gift Bag! I'd like you to make a nice little gift bag for me. I mean if you want to put me a present in it and send it to me....No? Sure?...Oh well I tried.... ~sighs~ This week we're sponsored by Tracy at Dies to Die For - a little birdie tells me she's got some new lovelies in....

So the Gorjussettes have come up trumps again.


So aren't they just super? Perfect for a little present for someone you know like the ones you're going to send me.... Heck you can't blame a girl for trying huh?

If you're stumped pop over to the Gorjussettes blogs and see how they've made their little bags.

Please enter via Mr Linky and link to your entry and not your blog -

Saturday 19 June 2010

Challenge 35 - sugar and spice!


Howdy there peeps! Well firstly who came and stole the week? Again?? I mean we've, well me am suffering a repeat offender here. I mean one minute its Saturday and then in the blink of an eye its Saturday again! Only thing is what happened to all the days in between? I mean someone must have seen them surely? Just not me! Its not my age honestly.... I'm 23 for goodness sake.... ~whistles~

Enough of my age! So mahoosive thanks to all who came and played last week! There were some fabulous makes! And people say they don't like making cards for the men in their lives! No reason to say that at all - You all deserve a prize! Sadly though there's only one ;(( So who did the RPT pick? Well he stuttered a bit with all those names but he picked Distressed Miss Fabby name! Email me your details and I'll sort your prize for you.

So this weeks challenge is Sugar and Spice and is sponsored by Crafters Companion - you'll find everything you need there, oh and some things you didn't know you needed but you'll find that you do! The winner will receive a £10 voucher for spends in their on-line store.

The Gorjussettes have come up with some fabulous inspiration - ready?

who was so pleased she made two cards!

Her second card!

So fabby huh?


Going to play?

Wanna know how?


Make your sugar and spice card, pop it on your blog (and link to your card/work and not your blog).

A couple of little rules though, please new work only, don't use something you've already blogged. Its not fair to people who've made new stuff and you won't go in the draw for the prize. Oh and to make commenting easier please turn word verification off, if you're worried about spam comments set your blog for owner approval please.

Oh and if Mr Linky runs away again please check back - I'll be after him with a BIG stick!

Friday 11 June 2010

Challenge 34 - for the boys

Howdy there peeps!

OK 'fess up who stole the sun huh? Come on who thought that wall to wall rain was a good replacement for sun? Huh? Huh? Not me! On a good point, if there is one with rain, it made planting my new apple trees easier. It meant I could dig soil as opposed to it being like concrete - the 'joy' of clay soil.

Still enough of my whinging! Thanks to all who came and played with my little old sketch! You all interpreted it beautifully! Thank you so much! So who has the Random Picky Thing picked? Well he's picked Jackie Well done Jackie. Please email me your details at the Gorjuss email.

So what treat do we have for you this week? Well the clues in the name.... yes its everyone's favourite. A card for a boy/man/chap/fella/hombre/Herr/seƱor or a male if you prefer ;)) Now the Gorjussettes were thrilled when I told them...... well maybe not exactly thrilled... but when I saw what they'd made I was! The inspiration is just stunning! I'm sure you'll be inspired too. Just to encourage you further this week we have a new sponsor - Fantastic Ribbons and boy do they have beautiful ribbons! Well worth a look, great selection, great service and great ribbon. What more do you need?

So here you go.

So aren't they just FAB-U-LOUS? So I hope there's a few ideas for you to make a card for the man/men in your life. Fathers day will soon be here!

So please enter via Mr Linky and link to your entry and not your blog - please turn word verification off if you can!

Saturday 5 June 2010

Challenge 33 - its a sketch!

Howdy! Well the sun had his hat on here today, well technically yesterday but its still today because I've not been to bed yet.... confused? I am and I'm writing it! Well a beautiful sunny day here, its going to change apparently though. So I'm making the most of it while its here.

It seems lots of you had a wee bit of play time last week, many thanks to all who entered and showed us your wings. There were some beauties! I know I enjoyed looking and so did the Gorjussettes. Its really nice to see how the same theme is interpreted in different ways.

So who was last weeks winner? Well the random picky thing picked Penni - please email me your details.

So onto this weeks challenge. Its a little old sketch! Well actually the size can be whatever you want and its not old because I've only just drawn it.... but you get what I mean ;))

Anyways the Gorjussettes have made some super cards to inspire you. To inspire you even more this week we have a £10 voucher as a prize from the craft shopping haven that is Joanna Sheen How fabulous is that? Yup that's right its fabulous! So what will you do with the sketch? You can rotate it, twist it etc but show us what you do!

So here's the sketch....

And here's the inspiration!

So aren't they just super duper?

So we'd love to see what you come up with for this little old sketch.... well you know the new one that I've just drawn..... you get the drift. Joanna Sheen voucher on offer ;)) Please enter via Mr Linky and please new work only and link to your work and not your blog.