Saturday 28 December 2013

Challenge 216 - New!

Well howdy there folks - have you all had a lovely Christmas?  Was Santa nice?  Or were you on my list....  So now its that odd limbo time between Christmas and New Year... you know the time when you (well OK me) doesn't know what day it is?  I realsised its Saturday when I went to tune into one of my Friday programmes and it said Saturday on the TV guide...  So here I am!

Thanks to our players from the last challenge, I had to give the RPT a good kick to choose two winners!  The first name out and the winner of the Ribbon Girl voucher is Harry Woodhall 3 1/2, now I'm not sure what he'll do with the ribbon but I reckon someone might ;)  The second name out for the Heathers Hobbie Haven voucher is Anita  Please email me with the challenge number in the title line.

So onto this weeks challenge its NEW - which can be New Year, new baby, new house.... the sponsor is Dies to Die For  Fab huh?

So lets see some inspiration;

So there you go we'd love to see what you make too.  As always remember the roolz!

Saturday 21 December 2013

Challenge 215 - quick Christmas!

Well howdy there folks - I think I slipped into hibernation or something! After a truly manic week of baking.... if I EVER EVER EVER see another mince pie..... Oh I think I will as the boys have registered interest in having some for themselves... I did suggest them putting in an order but they didn't seem so keen....  I mean its not too much to ask is it?  I've made around 400 of the little blighters in one form or another!  And I don't even like them!

Still that finally proves to me that Christmas is very soon.... ~gulps~  So in light of that I suppose we might all be in need of some quick cards... OK me then...  But first thanks to our players from last week.  I dug the RPT out from under the blankets and he's chosen Pinky as the winner, please email me with the challenge number in the title line.

So as I said panic stations have set in ...    er... Christmas is real soon so a few last minute quickies are the order of the day!  Its a double whammy winner week again!  Our kind sponsors are those fabulous Ribbon Girls and Heathers Hobbie Haven

As always the Gorjussettes have some inspiration;

Obviously had a rush of blood...

Wow still rushing...

So there you go some quick inspiration for you - we'd love to see your quick makes too.  As always please remember the roolz!

Saturday 14 December 2013

Challenge 214 - special Christmas

Ho ho oh oh.... Now I've heard a nasty rumour that Christmas is basically just around the corner.... I mean surely that's not right is it?  I mean isn't it ages away?  Cos if its not... it should be!  Well judging on the preparations that have taken place in THIS house!  So in light of that thunderbolt - and why not we've had every other kind of weather - I'd best remove my finger from where it seems to have applied itself...

So thanks to our players from last week, lovely Santa-licious cards!  As always there's only one winner and that's Lia  please email me with the challenge number in the title line.

So onto this week - this weeks lets see something Christmassy and special, now that doesn't have to be 'just' a Christmas card it could be a Christmas birthday for instance... my OM has a birthday near Christmas, which is really inconsiderate!  Back in the old pre card making days buying a card was a nightmare!  Nothing to choose from at all, which prompted my card making.  I must remember to tell him its his fault I have this habit ;)  Oops I digress!  Our kind sponsor this week is the fabulous Crafters Companion  Have you all heard Sara's wonderful news?  Her baby is here, a beautiful baby by - our congratulations to you sarah - he's a beauty!

As always the Gorjussettes have some inspiration to share;

So fabulous huh?

So please share your makes with us and as always please remember the roolz!

Saturday 7 December 2013

Challenge 213 - anything goes with Santa

Brrr!!!!!  Its so blinking cold!  Honestly with the heating I was still cold.... soon solved that with the aid of a nice furry hot water bottle....trouble is the furry hot water decided my knee wasn't comfy enough!

So thanks to last weeks players - I deiced the RPT and he's chosen Netty as the winner.  PLease email me with the challenge number in the title line.

So onto this week, its Anything goes this week with Santa!  This weeks prize is courtesy of The Hobby House

As always the fabulous Gorjusettes have some inspiration for you.

So santacular huh?

Lets see your santa creations and as always please remember the roolz!