Saturday 26 February 2011

Challenge 69 - black and...

Well howdy! How you all doing in your corner of the world? Well in my corner I thought spring had sprung... as we had a couple of days of beautiful sunny weather! Well the birds liked it too as there was much whistling and singing! Penthouse wars continued for the top nest site in the big conifer! That's on hold now as its raining! More forecast for tomorrow too.... ~sighs~ Spring please come soon!

So many thanks to you all who came to check out our challenge last week, see another joke! Anyway... the RPT has done his stuff and the lucky winner of the $10 spend at Simon Says Stamp is Jacqui P! Email me your details and include the challenge number in your title line ;))

So this week? Well its all black! Well not all black I'll let you add another colour ;)) This week we're sponsored by Tando Creative Di the designer makes the most fantasticabulous chippie! the shapes are wonderful and are perfect for card making. The chippie is white and colours beautifully, its perfectly sized for cards too. Some of the DT girls have had some to use to show you just what you can do. We're also joined by Di Oliver the clever lady who comes up with all the ideas! The lucky winner will receive some Tando chippie of their own!

So the inspiration...

using a swirl corner

She used a sweet little frame

Sarah frames her image with a lovely swirl

Kat used a chippie daisy

So fab huh?

So remember black and one other colour, obviously if you have a person on your card skin tones are allowed!

So please use good old Mr Linky and link to your entry, new stuff only and NO backdating. We don't have many rules but please stick to them.

Saturday 19 February 2011

Challenge 68 - check it out

Brrr!!! OK who brought winter back?? Huh?? I mean we'd had a few lovely sunny days where I was down to a couple of sweaters. Now I'm back to coat, scarf, sweaters (note plural) and I'm still cold! And, and we might have more snow :(( I mean come on we've had birds singing in the garden and they're busy checking out the bushes and I think lurve is in the air. OK so the happy singing at 5.00am sat right outside my bedroom window is not my favouritest thing... but snow?! S T A Y A W A Y!!!

Right that's my weekly moan over are you fed up of me? So HUGE thanks to all you loved up players from last week. The RPT didn't miss a beat when I threw in the names, in fact he laughed! So come on peeps keep this hard work up for him ;)) The lucky winner that he picked is Marilyn email your details to me with the challenge number in the title line.

So what do have for you this week? Well check this out... oh the puns! We want to see checks on your entries. Now this can be paper, ribbon etc. Check (oh there I go again!) out Karina's entry, WOW!!! sums it up perfectly.

This week we're again sponsored by Simon Says Stamp

The lucky winner will receive a $10 voucher for their delight. Now there's 1,000's, literally, of things to choose from, it may take you some time. The have something for everyone and then some.

So enough from me how about we check out (oh there I go again!) the inspiration from the Gorjussettes

So there you go - checks all over the place!

As always we'd love to check out what you make too. Remember Simon says Stamp are sponsoring us this week.

As always new work only, no backdating, link back to here and link to your entry not your blog.

Our DT love to leave comments where they can - however if you have word verification set it makes it much more difficult :(( You can always set blog owner comment approval:))

So that's it On your marks get set.... CHECK! I had to get one more in!

Saturday 12 February 2011

Challenge 67 - Love

Howdy there peeps! How's your week been? I hope you've all had a good one, its been a busy one (as usual) here at Caique-Momma Towers! At least the weather seems to have picked up a bit. Now this is unusual for this time of year, its been my birthday this past week, 23 just in case anyone is wondering, and usually the weather is pretty vile. Cold/snowy/wet/icy or a combination of all of them but this time it was sunny and mild! How odd, I think the birds are getting confused too as we have nest wars going on as the doves and pigeons are battling for the penthouse spot in the big conifer! While they're busy doing that Mr and Mrs Blackbird will probably sneak in and take it ;))

So thanks to all of you who came and played with my little sketch last week - you made some super cards with it. In fact so good I had to check it was mine! So I chucked all the names in the RPT and he picked Teresa Email me your details with the challenge number in the title line and I'll sort you your voucher. I mean I'd hate for it to vanish in the middle of my big lottery win emails!

So what would we like this week? Well its almost 'that' time of year again (no I don't mean summer!) Valentines is almost here! Yipes so we'd like to see some love on your cards, it can be hearts, the word love or a card for someone you love - we want to see them! This week we're kindly sponsored by Crafters Companion, the lucky winner will receive a voucher for £10 to spend in their super stocked on line store( Pssst they've new stamps just in!)

So without further ado here is the inspiration from the Gorjussettes;

So there you go - does it make you fell all loved up? Ooh I do hope so and also that you share your makes with us, remember it doesn't have to be a card - Heike made that sweet little bag ;))

So as always enter with good old Mr Linky, link to your entry and not your blog, new stuff only, no back dating folks. Please think about switching word verification off! If you want to watch what's posted on your blog try moderation instead - it makes leaving comments much simpler ;))

Saturday 5 February 2011

Challenge 66 - its a sketch

Wow! Its so windy here! Apparently we're forecast to get winds over 100mph tonight.... I'd best make sure the hatches are battened down! In other words try and wedge the recycling bin back under the patio table and wedge the dustbin in too! I love to start the day picking up rubbish off the garden! Especially when its lashing it down with rain! Which incidentally is hammering against the window! Oh roll on summer. Mind you it could be worse, what about those poor folks in Australia! I hope anyone you know out there is safe.

So last week! What can I say other than WOW!!! Thank you so so much to everyone who came to play - it makes all that the Gorjussettes and myself do really worthwhile. The Random Picky Thing wasn't quite so keen when I piled in all the names! He really chugged and groaned but when I threatened him with a pokey thing he soon revved up and gave me a name ;)) He picked Donna Send me your details Donna with the challenge number in the title line and that ribbon will be on its way to you.

So what do we have for you this week? Well this week its a sketch, nice and easy (I did it so its got to be easy!) We're sponsored by the super stocked Joanna Sheen! the lucky winner will receive £10 to spend in Joannas online store, with free p and p to boot! Joanna stocks... well everything!

So enough from me, here's the sketch....

Here's what the Gorjussettes did with it - they made it look much better than I did!

So wow huh? I mean how could they make that easy sketch look so fab?

So we'd love to see how you make it look. Remember a spend at Joanna Sheens for the winner! Please play by our simple rules! New stuff only, no back dating, please link back to here in your post, oh and use the sketch obviously! You can rotate it if you like.

Please use good old Mr Linky and link to your entry -