Saturday 28 July 2012

Challenge 142 - Pearls

Here we are at last! I sat and did a lovely post last night and published.... except Mr Blogger didn't let on where exactly he'd published it!  Still we got here in the end eh?

So have you had summer this week?  We have and its been lovely - though I have heard one or two folks grumbling that its too hot - lol  we're never satisfied are we?

Thanks to our players from last week - your leafy designs were just lush!  The RPT has been hauled in from the sun (he had a beer in his hand too!) and he's picked Lisa Jane  Please email me with the challenge number in the title line.  Oh and remember to take our super winners blinkie for your side bar.

So what's the challenge this week?  A nice easy one - like always - its to use pearls on your creations.  this week we have a new sponsor the fabulous Megan Suarez of Dilly Bean Stamps

Faberlous huh?  The lucky winner gets to pick some lovely stamps.  I'm actually thinking of entering myself

The Gorjussettes have had some of Megans lovely images to play with, so here's some inspiration...

So aren't they just faberlus?  So get your pearls out folks and get your entry in!

Please remember the rules - you must link to your entry not your whole blog ;))

Saturday 21 July 2012

Challenge 141 - Leaf it in!

Well howdy there folks - have you had a good week?  I had something of a shock the other day.  We'd had our usual persistent rain... and then a strange yellow object appeared in the sky!  Oh my it was so freaky!  I rushed to the computer to check what it was.... turns out it was something called 'the sun'.... it was short lived though.... back to the usual rain!

So thanks to those of you who got into the Christmas spirit last week - I've got a few ideas for my list now thanks. It was great to share such inspiration!   So who's  the lucky winner?  Well the RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Lynsey  Email me your details with the challenge number in the title line please.

So what's the challenge this week?  Well we want you to 'Leaf it in!'  So show us some leaves on your creations!  Easy huh?  This week our sponsor is the fabulous Heathers Hobbie Haven  The winner will receive $10 to spend online.  Now Heathers truly is a haven of all things colouring - go check it out - you won't be disappointed.

As always the Gorjussettes have been inspired;

So there you go - get your leaves on!  So dig out those leaf punches, stamps, dies and whathaveyou!

A polite reminder - please remember our rules!

Saturday 14 July 2012

Challenge 140 - Its Christmas!

Well howdy there folks - how are your webbed feet coming along?  Mine have grown nicely, I've grown gills too... though why when I have a fully fitted ark I don't know.  I mean with my super duper ark why do I need webbed feet?  Well maybe I need those (along with said ark) because of all this bloody rain!  Oh you'll be pleased to know that the last hosepipe ban was lifted the other day.  Great huh?  We all go and water our water logged gardens.... which is just what they need.

So thanks to our players from last week who interpreted my sketch.  Thank you so much :-))  Now I cranked up the RPT, I had to oil him first as he was rusty and he's picked Piglet  Email me your details with the challenge number in the title line.

So what's the challenge this week?  Well we recently had the longest day.... so as someone said we're on our way to  Christmas!  So I thought we'd give you a head start - dig out your Christmas stuff and lets have Christmas in July!  Our sponsor this week is Crafters Companion, the lucky winner will get £10 to spend online.  Fab huh?

As always the Gorjussettes have some inspiration to egg you on.


So there you go - do you feel all festive?  One tip.... don't put your tree up yet!

As always please remember the rules ;-))

Saturday 7 July 2012

Challenge 139 - its a sketch

Anyone for an ark? Yup we're still in the middle of ark weather here. Wow have we had some torrential rain or what!  The answer being torrential rain....I hope non of you are affected by the floods.  Oh and there's still a lot more to come, I can't wait!

Oh and just to add insult to injury I have two poorly arms :-((  Something has bitten me and I've had a severe reaction to it.  Annoyingly I never felt a thing.  I'm hoping whatever it was died of poisoning.  I mean Popeye arms aren't that good a look....

So who won last week?  Well the RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Lozzy  please email me at the TG email with the challenge number in the title.

So this week its sketch time!  That can only mean one thing - its Joanna Sheen time.  Yup the lovely Joanna is our regular sketch sponsor.  One lucky winner will receive £10 to spend online.  Oh and she has the most amazing customer service!

As always the Gorjussettes have some inspiration for you....

The sketch... easy....

So just gorjuss huh?

So folks remember 'Rules is rules'