Friday 23 April 2010

Challenge 27 - Gorjuss!


Summmmerrrrtimmmmme and the livvvinnngggg is eeeassyyyyy.... Sorry that's me singing! Two days of sun and it turns me loopy, OK loopier if you insist ;)) But it is nice isn't it? So thanks to you all who cam to play last week and showed us your charms - that sounds a bit dodgy doesn't it? But heck I know you know what I mean. So who is the lucky winner of the voucher from Crafters Companion? well the good old Random Picky Thing has done his stuff and he's picked Sue! Now I'd recommend you go and have a look at Sue's card - it brilliant! Charms for sure! ;)) Email me Sue and I'll sort your voucher for you.

So onto this weeks challenge. Well I'm delighted to announce we have a special sponsor this week.
None other than the super SUZANNE WOOLCOTT the creator of the Gorjuss Girls! How fantastic is that?? So this weeks winner will receive a voucher to spend in Suzanne's shop. There are some fab things in there - well worth a look.

So this weeks challenge - its quite simply to make something with a Gorjuss Girl on it. How easy is that? We like easy ;))

So just to show you how easy it is have a look what the Gorjussettes have come up with.

So aren't they just fantastic?

So we'd love to see what you do too - remember new work only please and this week you MUST include a Gorjuss Girl on your submission.

Entry via Mr Linky with a link to your entry or via email to

Friday 16 April 2010

Challenge 26 - charming!


Well have you had the mixed weather we've had? Warm, cold, warm, windy, cold, sunny, cloudy and all within an hour! Mind you this volcano ash thing - how awful for those waiting to go away or meet up with loved ones. If you're waiting to go I hope you get away soon.

So massive thanks again to all who played last week - we tried to get round you all. I had some mega blogger problems. I could look but he wouldn't let me comment for some reason. Anyway thanks to you all. So I cranked up the Random Picky Thing and tossed in all the names (it took ages incidentally ;)) So after he gurgled and chugged he through out a name which was Linda! If you email me your details and the challenge number I can get your prize on its way to you.

So what did I ask the Gorjussettes to do this week? Well I think they're charming.... stay with me folks.... so I wanted charms on their cards. As always they've proved that they're really charming! I'm splitting me sides here! Are you?..... Oh..... This week we're again sponsored by Crafters Companion with a fabby £10 voucher - there are some super things on there - can I enter?

Enough from me, so in no particular order here is are some-things the Gorjussettes prepared earlier.

So are you impressed? Told you my DT girls were charming? So we'd love you to charm us too. Remember we're sponsored by Crafters Companion this week. So new work only please and link to your entry and not your blog. Email entries to

Friday 9 April 2010

Challenge 25 - texture


YEEHAAAARRR!!! Excuse my jubilation but that's what one day of sunshine does to me! Imagine what I'll be like if we get a summer? I know what's a scary thought but please send us a summer ;)) Have you heard enough from me yet? Hey I can yap for oooo... a couple of hours? No? You sure? ~sighs~ OK....

Well big thanks to all who came to play last week - you made super work of my little old sketch. You made it look very special you clever lot. So who is the lucky winner of that lovely voucher from Joanna Sheen? Well I threw the names into the Random Picky Thing, who doesn't grumble now (he knows its not worth it) and he purred, now that's a first, and he gently slid out Lindsey Now I'm not sure how she got in there myself.... but send me your details and you can get your voucher.

So onto this weeks challenge - are you all still awake? Well this week we're again sponsored by Meyer Imports (who have the most lushest glitters and stuff) so I asked the Gorjussettes for some texture on their cards. As usual they've done a super job. So here you go.... As they say on the TV in no particular order....

So there you go - haven't the Gorjussettes done fab? So come on peeps lets feel it! The texture that is.

So new submissions only please, enter via Mr Linky linking to your project not your blog. Email for non bloggers.

Saturday 3 April 2010

Challenge 24 - sketch

Well hello! Wet enough for you all? Cold enough? Well its too much of both those things for me! I mean come on I thought Spring had sprung?? Come back Spring I like you! It could be worse I mean it could have been that nasty white 'S' word stuff they said we'd get. I know some folks have it - hoping it goes soon! But don't send it me!

So big big thanks to all of you who showed us your hearts! There were some beautiful things. Thanks again. So by now Mr Random Picky Thing is getting used to a few names. No chugging this week. I tossed the names in and he purred and quickly gave me Debs!

Email me your details sweetie and I'll send you your prize, donated by our lovely sponsor Tracy at Dies to Die For. Now I'm sorry there's no photo - trust me any photo of mine would do it no justice whatsoever!

So onto this weeks challenge, as its the beginning of the month - yipes April already! - its a sketch. Our sponsor this week is Joanna Sheen The lucky winner will recieve a £10 voucher for Joanna's store! Remember she has free p and p too!

So before you all glaze over and nod off....

The sketch... Nice and easy because I did it.

So aren't they super? We'd love to see what you do with the sketch too! Please enter via Mr Linky linking to your entry and not your blog. New work only please! Non bloggers can enter at