Friday 28 October 2011

Challenge 104 - I remember

Hi there peeps! How y'all doing? Well I'm in a good mood today/tonight (depending on your time-zone) as we've had beautiful sunshine the last couple of days. OK yesterday it poured with rain all day but I didn't go outside so that didn't matter ;)) Today though was lovely, so more of that please Mr Weatherman. Saying that we had a tremendous storm the other night - thunder and proper forked lightening in October??? I mean how is that normal? But then again in my life what is!

So thanks to you who came to play last week - I must say I've loads of pastel ideas now! So the random picky thing has done his stuff and he's picked Shell Email me your details with the challenge number in the title line and I'll sort your prize out for you.

So what's the theme this week? This week its 'I remember'..... so what we'd like to see is something that evokes a memory. It can be something from your childhood, a loved one or something that made you smile. The Gorjussettes have made some absolutely tremendous creations - check out their blogs for the stories behind the cards. this week we're sponsored by Fantastic Ribbons - the home of , well fantastic ribbons!

So are you ready?

See didn't I say they were fantastic?

So remember (get it?) to share your I remember creations with us. Please follow the rules; new stuff only, no back dating, link to here and link directly to your creation and not your whole blog.

Friday 21 October 2011

Challenge 103 - Pastel Christmas

Brrr!!! Oh my where did winter suddenly come from? Heck we had frost this morning! All rimey white stuff on my car, luckily it went real quick. Eventually the sun peeped out and it was warmish... For me though another 15 or 20 degrees warmer would have been better! I'd be happy if this was winter and summer started again tomorrow!

So thanks to all you Bingo fans who came to play - fun isn't it? So the RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Gina email me with the challenge number in the title line and I'll sort you your prize out.

So what's the challenge this week? Well I've heard that this year we're having a thing called Christmas happening! I mean can this be true? Is it every year? So I reckon one or two
of you might need a few cards just is case it is going to happen ;)) So this week the challenge is Pastel Christmas. This week our sponsor is the lovely girls at Lili of the Valley Some lucky peep is going to be the proud owner of some LOTV rubbah!

Now as always the Gorjussettes have excelled themselves.

Prepare to be inspired!

So there you go - fantastic as always huh?

So we'd love to see what you do for your pastel Christmas - remember that LOTV rubbah might just have your name on it!

As always please follow our simple rules; new stuff only, no back dating, link back to here and link directly to your creation and not your whole blog.

Friday 14 October 2011

Challenge 102 - Bingo!

Howdy there folks - have you all had a good week? Well a busy one for me here, it seems an age since my holiday! I've got back into the groove pretty quickly, not eagerly just because we have to! Still I can start thinking about the next one now, its good to have something to look forward to isn't it?

So thanks to all you Ooh la la girls from last week, the RPT has done his stuff and the lucky winner of that voucher from Crafters Companion is Deonna Please email me with the challenge number in the title line.

So onto the important stuff - The new Guest Gorjussetttes are here! so please give a great big Gorjuss welcome to Samantha, Shanna and Lyndsey Check out their blogs, there's some fabby work on there.

So what's the challenge this week? Our sponsor is Simon Says Stamp, they're kindly giving a $10 voucher for their on line store and there's some gorgeous new stuff in too ;))

So this week the challenge is Bingo! So I spent hours drawing up a Bingo card, permutating (is that a word even? but it should be) all the options and taking steps to work out every eventuality.... OK I drew up a quick chart and filled it in.... So you need to pick a line...vertical, horizontal or diagonally, or if you're adventurous all four corners.










So here's the inspiration and the guest Gorjussettes.

Fabby aren't they? And here's the Gorjussettes Bingo cards!

So aren't they just super duper? I know the Gorjussettes would love you to call by their blogs and leave them some lurve ;))

So please remember our simple rules; new stuff only, no back dating, link to here and link to your entry and not your whole blog.

Saturday 8 October 2011

Challenge 101 - Ooh la la!

Bonjour mes amis! I've gone a little bit Francais - well I've just been on holiday to France! I LURVE France. I mean I love America too but the flight.... the traipsing around hauling cases and and luggage, the vile food on the planes, the kid behind you who kicks your seat all the way there.... Whereas the France trip is a drive in the car, hop on the ferry, a nice meal in the restaurant go to bed and wake up and you're there! Of course I'm not including the debate we have over who has the dreaded top bunk! Just for your info this time I got the short straw! Why can't the ladder rungs be more comfy for your feet? So what I'm saying - albeit in my usual round the houses way is that's the story behind this weeks theme... But first you want to know who won last week! Well the RPT picked Kath email me with the challenge number in the title and I'll sort your prize. The lucky commenter is Samantha, email me too ;))

So as i said I've been to France so I fell a little bit Ooh la la! So that's the theme this weeks! Lets have a bit of ooh la la please! This week we're sponsored by Crafters Companion, the lucky winner will get £10 to spend online. A little Birdie tells me that there's something new just around the corner too :))

Now the Gorjussettes went extra Ooh la la! You ready to be inspired?

So are you up for some Ooh la la? There's a prize to tempt you!

Remember our simple rules please - new stuff only, link to your entry and no backdating.

Saturday 1 October 2011

Challenge 100 - its a sketch


I can't believe it we're a 100! Now I'm fairly sure that grammatically that's awfully wrong, but do I care? Do I heck! I'm so so thrilled that we're 100! I mean should I be expecting a telegram from the Queen? I think so 'cos surely this is up there with other stuff she sends telegrams out for isn't it? I mean way hey 100! And I must thank my mum for having me... sorry that's ANOTHER speech altogether! I really must thank my wonderful design team - the fabulous Gorjussettes, I come up with themes and they transform them into the most wonderful samples! They're fab! Then our lovely sponsors - they kindly donate prizes each week - thank you! And then of course there's YOU! Yes YOU who's reading this, without YOU there wouldn't be a challenge. So thanks again and keep playing because its fun!

So enough of my Oscar worthy speeches, unless you want another one? No? Was that a 'shut up' from the back? ;)) Well RPT has done his thing and he's picked Clare. Please email me with the challenge number in the title and I'll sort your prize out.

So this week its a sketch! Sponsored again by the wonderful Joanna Sheen, £10 of spends in Joannas on line store and with free p and p that's even better!

So are you ready?

wow huh?

Oh and because this is something of a special event there'll be an extra prize on offer. In addition to the usual winner there'll also be a small prize for a commenter too. So leave us a comment folks - you might be lucky too!

Now please remember our few simple rules folks; new stuff only, no backdating, link to here and mention us in your submission.

Oh and if you're real quick you might be able to sneak a last minute entry to our DT call out too;))