Saturday 30 October 2010

Challenge 54 - Ooo spooky!

Oh wow readers what a day! Now how spooky is this eh? Just as I'm about to do the challenge t'internet broke! Yup the whole of t'internet for the North of England - yipes! How on earth did I do that? now 'onest it weren't me what broke it.... well I think it wasn't me anyway.... in fact I'm sure it wasn't.... ~whistles~ Anyway i was out all day so I've only been able to do the challenge now, I've got my fingers crossed it doesn't break again. And believe me typing with your fingers crossed is pretty difficult. I'm getting more spelling mistakes than usual ;))

Anyway enough of those spooky things - thank you very much I need t'internet - I mean it has all my friends in it!

So huge thanks to all of you who came to play last week! My eyes ache from the sparkle you all showed us. Really really lovely. So the poor old random Picky Thing almost blew a gasket when I chucked in all the names. He coughed ans spluttered and gave me a name, its Anne! Please email me and give the challenge number and I'll sort your prize out for you.

So what would we like this week? Well its Halloween this weekend so it can only be Spooky! Which is highly appropriate seeing as I spookily broke t'internet ;)) Now just in case you find that scary we have a super sponsor this week which will surely make you feel better. This week we're sponsored by Wild Orchid Crafts, that's right the super suppliers of the most beautiful flowers! behold the flowers.... and stuff!

How fabulous!

Now the Gorjussettes cards are scarily good as always.

So prepare to be scared.... er I mean inspired!

So aren't they fab huh? So we'd love to see your cards for either Halloween or if that's not your 'thing' something scary or spooky! Oh remember those flowers....

So please enter via our good friend Mr Linky and link to your entry and not your whole blog.

Oh I've just one more thing to say to you...


Friday 22 October 2010

Challenge 53 - sparkle

Well howdy there from my windy cold corner of Blogland! I somehow think that winter is just around the corner! Yipes I hope there's none of that nasty white stuff this year! I've come to the conclusion I'm more of a warm weather girl you can keep your nasty cold stuff ;))

So many thanks to all who came to play last week! Well you were all very pretty in pink I have to say. Huge thanks from the Gorjussettes and myself, without you we wouldn't have this little corner of Challenge Blogland. I couldn't believe its a year, where has the time gone to?

So I cranked up the Random Picky Thing and threw in all the names, he picked Stacy Email me your details and I'll sort you your prizes out. Please include the challenge number ;)) Oh it'll be a treat for you. I've had a root through my goody bag and I'm sure you'll like them.

So what are we doing this week? Well this week we'd like to see you all sparkle! Now this can be bling or glitter or indeed anything that sparkles! This week we're sponsored by Crafters Companion. The lucky winner will receive a voucher for £10 to spend in their fabby on-line shop! You will be spoilt for choice!

The Gorjussettes have naturally sparkled like they do every week

So sparkly huh? And pretty fantastic too. So are you going to show us how you can sparkle? We'd love to see! Remember the prize too just in case that adds a sparkle to your eyes at the thought!

Please enter via Mr Linky and link to your entry and not your blog. Please new submissions only and no back dating - be fair to the other players ;))

Saturday 16 October 2010

Challenge 52 - Pink!


Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us.... Yup we're celebrating our first anniversary! Wow how cool is that? Well pretty darn cool I reckon, I'm thrilled! I have to say its been great fun and a very steep learning curve for me! That's probably down to me a numpty in the technical department. I think its an achievement that I've neither broken the whole Internet or just Blogger to be honest. Mind you the way they both perform at times I do have to wonder.... ~runs off and touches wood~ But I mean 52 challenges! I do hope you've all enjoyed them as much as I have/ I know some of you have been very regular players with us - thank you! Of course HUGE thank you's to my lovely Gorjussettes. Without them there wouldn't be anything pretty and inspiring to show you - thanks girls! Some of them have been here with me from the start, a patient bunch.... well you have to be patient with me.... Anyway enough of the speeches its getting like Oscar night!

Lets get down to the important stuff, last weeks winner. The Random Picky Thing behaved impeccably and he picked Carol please email me your details and I'll sort your prize out, please include the challenge number in the title for me - helps filter the emails. I mean lucky me has $600,000 million waiting to be transferred to my bank account. Lucky that kind stranger found me to tell me eh?

Anyway onto this weeks challenge. Our first ever challenge was PINK, nice and easy. I hope you find all of our challenges easy ;)) So I thought we'd revisit PINK. And this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month - so please make sure you're all well Ladies. Don't miss those check ups! Back to the challenge - Now it can be anything as long as its pink, predominantly pink, partially pink... you get the picture huh? Now this week we're sponsored by Lili of the Valley So seeing as its our birthday I wondered how I could make it a bit special. Birthdays are meant to be special aren't they? So for every 50 people who enter I'll had another prize to the winner - how does that sound? So literally the more the merrier.

So the inspiration from the Gorjussettes;

So there you go, pretty in pink I think you'll agree.

Oh remember there's a DT call out for guest Gorjussettes too - are you coming to play with us?

So please enter by our good friend Mr Linky, please link to your entry and not your blog.

So come on!

Friday 8 October 2010

Challenge 51 - not a square!

Yawnnnnnnnn!!! Oh the joys of coming back from a fantastic holiday! I'm trying work through the lack of sleep.... so if you seen any typos that's the reason ;)) Well that and my natural blondness.

We've had a super two weeks in sunny Florida, oh my I love it there, sunny, nice places, lovely people and one or two ~ahem~ craft shops! Well seeing as they're nice enough to be there it would be rude not to investigate them wouldn't it? I managed to get a moderately indecent amount of much needed new stash - I'm a lucky girl!

So enough from me - a few thanks - firstly to fabby Gorjussette Gez who kindly did the 'work' while I was off on my jollies, the lovely Gorjussettes for all their beautiful cards, Bev who did us a guest spot - thanks sweets! All you who came and played.... Crikey this is like the Oscars! Oh and some good news, our Guest Gorjussette Mary is staying with us as a full time Gorjussette!

Phew! Finished!

So thanks to last weeks players, your takes on my sketch were fab! The lucky winner is Claire Email me your details with the challenge number and I'll sort out your prize,

So are you all still awake? And I'll tell you about this weeks challenge. This week I want to see a card which isn't square. Our super sponsor is the appropriately named Fantastic Ribbons, a haven of lush ribbonosity.

So here's the inspiration from the fabulous Gorjussettes;

So fabby huh?

We'd love to see your 'unsquare' creations too, remember there's ribbon for the lucky winner!

Please enter via Mr Linky and link to your entry and not your whole blog. It would be fab if you could pop over to the Gorjussettes blogs too ;))

Saturday 2 October 2010

Challenge 50 - its a sketch

Yoohooo! Its me in the sun again!

Thanks to you all who came to play again - you are all so clever. Its lovely to see what everyone has made. We are honoured you come to share it with us.

Now we have a little treat for you this week! This week we have a Special Guest Gorjussette! None other than the very talented Bev Rochester! Woohoo! She's certainly made my simple little sketch look mega fantastic! It looked so good I had to pinch myself that it was mine! Thanks for doing this for us Bev its a beauty. This week we're sponsored by the very kind Joanna Sheen The lucky winner will receive a £10 voucher for spends in Joanna's super stocked web site! Oh and the free p an p means you get to spend it all on stash! So the RPT has picked Sharon Email me please with the challenge number and I'll sort your voucher out for you.

Here's the nice easy sketch

So here's the inspiration!
Special Guest Gorjussette!

So there you are! Pretty fantastic huh? Oh and there's that voucher too ;))

Please enter via Mr Linky and link to your entry and not your blog.