Saturday 30 June 2012

Challenge 138 - Sweet and Simple

Ooh here I am at last!  You when you just have one of those times? Well that's what its been!  Still at the end of the days alls normal and that!  Mind you can anyone tell me what normal is?

So while you're pondering on that one I'd like to thank you for showing us your yellow creations - lovely its nice to have some brightness about!  Its certainly been lacking in the weather department.  I'm hoping none of you are affected by these horrible floods - weird weather huh?

So the RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Pinky  Email me with your details with the challenge number in the title please.

So this week we've got something nice and easy, I know I say that every week, lets have something sweet and simple!  Our sponsors are those fabby girls from Lil iof the Valley

So get ready for for inspiration for the Fabulous Gorjussettes;

So there you go peeps - fabulous huh?

Oh please remember the rules ;))

Saturday 23 June 2012

Challenge 137 - Something Yellow


Mind you I'm not sure how to make a soggy sounding noise!  Crikey has it rained or has it rained!  The answer to that one is its rained and then some!  Our grass is growing at about a foot a day and as for the dandelions.... well they're like giant cabbages.  Oh except they grow 10 times faster and stronger too.

Thanks to you who played last week and lightened our, well mine for sure, spirits.  The RPT has done his stuff and the winner of that fabby voucher from Heathers Hobbie Haven is Vanessa  Email me with the challenge number in the title please.

So onto this weeks challenge.... now when I scrolled through to the theme (at the last minute as always)  I thought 'Yellow??? what idiot picked yellow??? I don't do yellow'..... ~blushes~ then a little thought entered my head.... that idiot would be me then!  I'm not a yellow person!   So either all yellow or yellow to feature mainly on your creation.  This week we're kindly sponsored by the wonderful Meljens Designs  The Gorjussettes were given some images to conjure up their usual magic with.  As you can see they're not shy with colour!

Without further ado....

Yellow-licious huh?

So please remember the rules!

Saturday 16 June 2012

Challenge 136 - Holiday!

Howdy there folks - oh my what a week!  I'm sure its morphed into winter!  I mean where else has this bronchitis and tonsillitis come from?  Oh not forgetting the streaming cold?  I mean at the moment instead of resembling a tanned Goddess (I wish!!!)  I closely resemble Rudolph with a very red hooter!  I mean come on weather...I think my next project will be construction of my very own ark.  So sorry for the delay but my ailments caused me to retire early to my bed.

Had enough of me moaning yet? ;-))

Thanks to last weeks players - you gave us the only sunshine we had all week, certainly in my neck of the woods anyway.  So I de-rusted the RPT, I knew I shouldn't have left him out in the rain, and he's picked Pauline  Email me your details with he challenge number in the title please.

So onto this weeks challenge, now I was obviously thinking we'd be in the height of summer when I choose these challenges.... hence this weeks theme of HOLIDAY!  Our sponsor this week is Heathers Hobbie Haven  A haven of all thisngs for us who love colouring!  The lucky winner will get $10 to spend online.

So without further ado (and before you fall asleep) I'll share some super inspiration with you!

So there you go - more sunshine inspiration!  I hope that's not the only sunny scenes we get!

As always please remember rules is rules!

Saturday 9 June 2012

Challenge 135 - sunshine!

Well howdy there folks - enjoying this wonderful summery weather?  As for a drought.... well surely this has got to the the wettest drought ever!  I mean its just rained and rained and then for a change its rained again.  And yes we have the heating on.... so much for flaming June!  I thought I was looking brown the other day but on closer inspection I think its actually rust!

Thanks to our players from last week who came and played with the sketch - some lovely creations.  The RPT has done his stuff, well after I oiled him because he'd been out in the rain, and he picked Jane  Email me your details with the challenge number in the title.

Now when I choose this theme I imagine we'd be well into the heady days of summer.... warm sun, balmy evenings you know like you should in summer!  So honestly there was no irony intended!

So the theme is sunshine!  So that can be colours or something you'd associate with sunshine.  This week we're again sponsored by Crafters Companion, the lucky winner will get a voucher for a £10 online spend!

The Gorjussettes came inside and took their macs off and have some inspiration for you;

So there you go - get your shades off and join us!

Please remember the rules - there aren't many ;-))

Saturday 2 June 2012

Challenge 134 - its a sketch

Well howdy y'all! Its little ol me - The Boss apparently!  I'm back from me holidays.  Lucky me has been to sunny Florida - it was just glorious!  All the 'S's, sun, sand and shopping!  What more could a girl ask for?  Oh a bit of sun since I got home would be much appreciated!

Its the Diamond Jubilee weekend - are you going to street parties and such?  None of that here - I've still got unpacking to do and new stash to stroke!

So thanks to you who showed off your new stash last week ;-))  I've dusted down the RPT, I'm sure he had sand on him.... anyway he eventually picked Nanda  email me your details with the title in the line.

So onto this weeks challenge - seeing as its the beginning of the month that means its a sketch!  Also that we're again sponsored by Joanna Sheen.  The lucky winner will receive £10 to spend on-line.

So here's the easy sketch....

And some inspiration from the Gorjussettes.

So how fabulous are those?

So we'd love to see what you make with our little sketch.

Please remember the rules!