Saturday 31 July 2010

Challenge 41 - Baby baby!


Well what a miserable lot of weather! I guess there must be some truth in what they say when it rains on St Swithins day then eh? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back summer - I miss you! ;)) I mean summer is supposed to be... well summery isn't it? I mean having to go in long trousers isn't on! Its July!

Oh thanks for all your good wishes about my Harry, she's now back home and my purse is much much lighter! Just as pay back she's now Bitey Britches formally known as her Ladyship Harry! So what with her and her Highness Princess Nippy Knickers yours truly is well under attack!

Still looking at all your lovely entries last week cheered me up no end! Gosh you are clever. I really love to see how you interpret the themes I choose. Its really lovely to see what you come up with. Thanks very much for sharing them with us, I know the Gorjussettes enjoy looking too.

So who is the lucky winner of that beautiful ribbon from Fantastic Ribbon Well the RPT was a bit rusty (all the rain you know) but he eventually got going and picked Uma Email me your details and I'll get it off to you.

So this week we'd like to see Baby as your theme. Now this can be a birth card, baby's first birthday, christening anything for a baby! Once more the Gorjussettes have come up trumps - these girls are so clever! This week we're sponsored by Meyer Imports a spot of glittery stuff never goes amiss does it?

Oh and a big big thanks to Debs, this is her last week with us. Your cards have been fantastic Debs - its been a pleasure to work with you.

So there you go - sweet huh?

Entry is via Mr Linky who does seem to be behaving himself of late - please don't let me jinx him!

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Friday 23 July 2010

Challenge 40 - Congratulations!

Howdy there peeps!

What a mixture we've had this week! Sun rain, wind, snow.... only kidding about the snow. But its the only weather we haven't had I think. I hope its been better with you.

I've had a rotten evening - I've had to take my lovely Harry to the vet! Poor baby had had to stay in hospital too - can you send her some love?

So a big thank you to everyone who came to play last week - you are a talented bunch! More lovely ideas, thank you. So I kicked the RPT into action and he dig a little jig and picked DK Crafts If you email your details I can sort you out that super prize from Crafters Companion. Psst! I got some of their Iridescent Glitter spray - on wow its super sparkly. Love it on Crimbly cards ;)) er it also looks nice on my hands too... I suppose you aren't supposed to spray it on yourself are you? Oh well....

Right onto this weeks challenge. I think Congratulations are the order of the day! So we'd like to see a congratulations card. Now this could be for a wedding, engagement, passing a driving test or anything like that. Or simply because someone has done something which they deserve congratulations for. This week we're sponsored by Fantastic Ribbons which is very appropriately named! A place for fantastic ribbon! So some of their lush ribboness will be coming the winners way ;))

As always the Gorjussettes have come up trumps.

And the inside - as beautiful as the outside!

So aren't they fab huh? So we'd love to see what you can do too. remember that lovely prize of ribbons!

Please enter via good old Mr Linky (he better had be if he knows what's good for him!) Link to your entry and not your whole blog.

Saturday 17 July 2010

Challenge 39 - Thinking of you

Hi there reader! OK come on confess who stole summer? Come on someone has! Oh and just to make matters worse, as if that could happen with rain/thunder/wind/chill etc it only went and rained on St Swithins day! So that's another 40 days of rain to look forward to then.... Well at least my Busy Lizzies like it!

So thanks to you all who shared your lovely creations with us last week, I almost needed to wear a Mac! There was water everywhere. I didn't realise just how many images there are that have a watery connection. The winner as selected by the RPT is Glenda! Please email me your details and I'll arrange your prize.

So this week I started to think.... hard I know. The little cell rattled all on its lonesome. So as I was thinking I thought Eureka! Thinking of you is this weeks theme - kindly sponsored by Crafters Companion and is for a £10 voucher of spends in the shop!

Now I know lots of people think of a 'thinking of you' as a sympathy card. I think (there I go again thinking) that it can be for a number of reasons. I like to put that kind of sentiment on a 'get well' card, or if you just want to let a friend know they're in your thoughts and you want to say hello. So we'd love to see how you interpret the theme.

The Gorjussettes have made some super cards to share.

So wow huh? You see 'thinking of you' covers wide range of things.

We'd love to see what you think! Oh get me a comedian huh? Remember there's a prize from Crafters Companion for the winner.

Please enter via our friend Mr Linky, when he's behaving anyway, and link to your entry and not your blog.

Friday 9 July 2010

Challenge 38 - water water!

Summmerrr timmmmeee and the livin' is eassssyyyyy, Yay! Sorry for the singing there folks but hey its summer! I mean we've not had one for years! Or is just that it seems that way? I know we could do with a drop of the wet stuff...(more of that later) but if that could just come at night time... OK?

So thanks for your lovely interpretations of my little sketch - they were super! You certainly made it look lovely. So I cranked up the RPT and who did he pick? He picked Lindyloos Email me your details and I'll sort your prize out for you.

So onto this weeks challenge. After my little reference to wet stuff as in the 'R' word I'd like to see water on your card! Now that can be in whatever way you want! As long as there's something to do with the wet stuff ;)) This week the prize is a fabby paper pad.

Now I'd also like to introduce our two new Guest Gorjussettes! Please welcome the ever so fab-u-lous Mary J and Nina! I'm sure you'll welcome them both. Their work is just fantastic!

So here's the inspiration

Nina was so excited she made two cards!

So aren't they just super? Lots of different water references there. Well apart from Squirrel and myself who chose the same stamp! Great minds and all that eh?

So please use Mr Linky and link to your entry and not your whole blog. Please think about turning word verification off - makes commenting much easier!

Friday 2 July 2010

Challenge 37 - a sketch

Howdy there peeps! Isn't the weather fantastic??? Well OK I know the grounds dry and some are saying its TOO hot (not me!), and the gardens dry and the grass is going brown... but hey I'm getting my tan going nicely here folks! Plus the last couple of summer's have been a er... tad on the wet side shall we say? Well I think us Brits are never happy unless we're complaining about the weather are we? Gives us something to talk about I suppose.

So thanks to those who played last week, there were some lovely bags. I hope we inspired you. Oh the ones you were going to mail me full of stash aren't here yet.... Should I be holding my breath?....;)) So was the winner? Well the RPT picked Annie! Email me your details Annie and I'll get your prize sorted as soon as I can.

So onto this weeks challenge, its a nice easy little sketch. Now remember when I do them I can only do simple! Its gets too complicated for me in paint or draw or whatever the programme I do them in is called. This week we're sponsored by the lovely Joanna Sheen A source of everything the crafter needs, a fabby shop and no p and p either!

So here is the sketch - told you it was simple!

And here's the inspiration by the Gorjussettes.

So aren't they super-duper-faberooney? So please come and play along, remember that super prize just as a little incentive ;))

Please enter via Mr Linky and link to your submission not your blog. Also please turn word verification off - it makes commenting so much easier. If you're worried about spam you can set comments to blog owner moderation. Just a little thought please.