Friday 26 November 2010

Challenge 58 - Oh Christmas tree!

Hiya Gorjusseroos - oh no as I type this the snow is falling! Yipes I really really really don't want any of it! Not one teeny tiny flake, no Sirree Bob (who is Sirree Bob by the way?) You see me and himself both have rear wheel drive cars... they hate snow too! Good planning not! And I've still got a poorly little Harry and I hope we don't have to rush to the vets tomorrow.... So we'd appreciate a few prayers and loving wishes for her please.

This is Harry - yes she is a girl but she's Harry ;)) And at the minute she's poorly :((

Isn't she the most gorgeous little chickie?

Anyway.... sorry for my self indugence.

Right a big thanks to all who came to play last week, there were some spectacular entries - thank you so much for sharing them with us. Unfortunately there is only one winner. The Random Picky Thing has done his stuff and he's picked Little K Smith Email me your details and include the challenge number in the title line please.

Right so what would we like to see this week? Well no snow for sure... oops sorry that's just me not wanting any snow ;))

This week we want to see a tree on your card, easy huh? Our kind sponsor this week is Cupids Clear Stamps

As usual the Gorjussettes have done wonders, you can check their cards out closer on their blogs - they'd love a visit if you can ;))

So fab huh? So come and show us your trees too! Remember those stamps as a prize!

Please new work only and no back dating.

Enter via Mr Linky and link to your entry and not your blog

Friday 19 November 2010

Challenge 57 - not so traditional

Hiya Gorjusseroos!

I hope I find you all well and not too cheesed off with the weather. I really hope none of you are affected by the horrid floods some parts of the country are having. We've got it foggy, cold and wet in my part of the world. However I do have to say I seem to be getting a bit of tan despite the distinct lack of sunlight. How so I can hear you ask.... well its being behind all these cars with their fog lights on! I mean when its really foggy yes. But when its not, well its easy SWITCH THEM OFF!!! Its stupid and incredibly awful for cars behind you. There were loads with them on on the motorway tonight. I mean visibility was down to about a mile and the traffic was almost bumper to bumper.....

Right rant over!

Big thanks to all the players from last week, there were some lovely cards! So who's the lucky winner as picked by the lovely RPT? Well his gaskets were well tweeked this week, he held on though and he picked San Email me please San and include the challenge number in the title and I'll sort your prize out.

So what would we like to see this week? Well last week was traditional colours so this week we'd like to see the not quite so traditional colours. Once again this week we're sponsored by Crafters Companion - the winner will receive a voucher for £10 to spend in their on line shop! And trust me you'll be spoilt for choice! Sarah certainly has plenty to choose from.

So lets see what the Gorjussettes have made to inspire you;

So pretty darn fab huh?

We'd love to see what you make in non traditional colours too! Remember as always there's a prize!

Please enter new work only, no back dating folks rules is rules you know. If you'd like a comment please turn word verification off - its makes commenting much easier for us. As always link to your entry and not your whole blog.

Saturday 13 November 2010

Challenge 56 - traditional Christmas colours

Howdy there peeps! I hope you've all got your hatches battened down! My word has it been windy or what! That's right its been W I N D Y!!! We live quite high up and its certainly been rather breezy to say the least. In fact I did think of putting some laundry out to dry.... except I don't think I had enough pegs to keep it on the line! Plus the torrential showers did put me off somewhat ;)) And its been cold too. We've had our first hard frost too... and the dark nights.... yak! Roll on summer I say.

Well thanks to all of you who came and played with my little sketch last week. You made it look very special indeed, thanks again to Kim So I did the random picky thing and he behaved himself remarkably well, he didn't throw any nasty notes at me this week either ;)) He was very good and he picked Shelly Email me Shelly and include the challenge number in your title please. I can then sort you out your prize. I ask for those details, I hate getting them mixed up with all my emails about the African lottery wins. I'm just not sure when I bought the tickets but I've got $450,000,000 dollars in a bank account..... apparently!

Right enough drivel, are you still awake? Well this week we'd like to see you use some traditional colours on your Christmas cards. Now all these Christmassy challenges are excellent (for me) I've never been so far ahead with my cards! Thanks me! This week we're sponsored by Lili of the Valley and the winner will get a stamp from the recent magnolia Christmas kit too! That part of the prize is courtesy of my good buddy Debbie so a double win!

So here's what the Gorjussettes have made;

So pretty fab huh? I love these rich traditional colours. So we'd love to see what you come up with, and hey I need a few new ideas myself! Oops I didn't realise I'd actually typed that! It was a thought really...

Remember there;s some super stamps for the lucky winner.

Please enter via Mr Linky, link to your entry and not your whole blog. New work only and no back dating folks.

Saturday 6 November 2010

Challenge 55 - sketch

Howdy there all you Gorjuss people out there in Blogland. I do hope none of you got too spooked last week? Well I went and bought spooky little sweets and such like for our little Halloween visitors...... I've still got every single one of them! Why I hear you cry? (I can't hear you....) Ahh that's better you were much louder that time! Well I got mixed up (I'm blonde remember) and was out so I left said sweeties and Himself in charge.... Well he had the football on so loud he never heard the bell! So anyone for a spider sweet? Jelly worm? Chocolate eyeball? Witches finger? No?? You sure? I wonder if they'll keep till next year.....

So thanks to all who played last week. Now I'm sure you all want to know the lucky winner of those beautiful flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts Well I wrote my name out 50 times and threw them in the random picky thing.... He threw them straight back at me with a message! It said 'CHEAT!!!' Then another one which said 'DO IT AGAIN'.... so I did.... ~sighs~ I wubs them flowers.... anyway when I put all the proper names in he picked Beverley Email me your details with the challenge number and I'll sort you out with the flowers.

So seeing as I'm not getting those flowers we'll crack on with this weeks challenge, its a sketch. Nice and easy, blonde here remember ;)) Now this week we're sponsored the fabulous Joanna Sheen This week the winner will get a £10 spend in her super stocked shop. Fab huh? Her service is super quick too, I've even had stuff delivered the next day! Good huh?

Anyway this is the sketch....

And I'd like to introduce our guest designer for this month - none other the the super talented Kim Piggott Kim very kindly agreed to do us a guest spot for our sketch challenge. Now when she emailed me her card I emailed her straight back! Surely this beautiful creation wasn't from my easy little sketch?? It is though, luscious isn't it? Thanks again Kim.

Here's what the Gorjussettes have done too

So pretty fab huh? I think that Kim and the Gorjussettes (Oh doesn't that sound like a 60's girl band?) have made a grand job of my little old sketch. Oh a little confession from me - that's my second card.... I used the wrong sketch the first time! I mean I only draw them.... ~blushes~ blonde though remember!

So remember there's that £10 voucher at Joanna Sheens for the winner ;))

Please enter via Mr Linky and link to your entry and not your whole blog;