Friday 28 May 2010

Challenge 32 - wings!

Yoohoooo! Gosh I can hardly see a thing! Do you know why? Well hopping round everyone's blogs checking out all that bling! I had to go and put me shades on! Oh and turn down the contrast on my screen..... OK I'm exaggerating.... I didn't turn down the contrast ;)) But shades were required. There were some super things you shared, thank you so much.

So have you all had a good week? Have you noticed summer's finished? Oh I hope not - bring back the sun I say!

So back to bling! Who was the blingiest blingtastic bling bling winner? Well the poor old random picky thing was dazzled. Eventually after I'd covered his eyes and poked him with a stick he picked Debs! Well done Debs, email me your details and I'll sort you out your prize.

So onto this weeks challenge. I asked the Gorjussettes to go out on a wing... get the pun there? Yup this week I want to see wings on your work. This week the prize is a selection of fabby papers.

The Gorjussettes have again come up trumps - prepare to be amazed!

So fantastic huh?

So we'd love to see what you do with wings on it. Please enter via Mr Linky and please NEW work only. Link to your entry and not your whole blog. Non Bloggers can enter via the Gorjuss email address

Saturday 22 May 2010

Challenge 31 - Bling it on!

'The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hooray!' At last! I'm hoping he keeps his hat on for some time! Though this is our 3rd sunny day and I've heard loads of people moaning its too sunny! What??? Have they forgotten what we've had recently? I'm in the sunnier is better camp ;))

So mahoosive thanks to all our players from last week - my there were some beautiful things to show us! You are clever! Me personally now have tons of ideas that I've pinched.... er sorry I mean I'm full of inspiration....;)) OK full of something!

So who was the lucky winner as selected by the Random Picky Thing? Well mr RPT picked Delphine Drop me your address sweetie and I'll sort your prize out for you.

So this week I challenged the Gorjussettes to 'bling it on' Yup we want to see you get some bling on those submissions! So get your bling out peeps! Our sponsor this week is Crafters Companion A veritable one stop shop for all your crafty needs. There's some serious bling over there ;))

The Gorjussettes have obliged with some super cards to share these are just bling-tastic!

So fabby huh? we'd love to see what you do too. Pop onto the DT blogs for more info about their beautiful makes.

So remember new work only please and enter via Mr Linky (he'd better behave this week as he was a bit norty last week)

Saturday 15 May 2010

Challenge 30 - round and round

Hi there reader. Ok who has stolen spring? I mean come on we've had frost the last few mornings. and I DON'T LIKE IT! Its supposed to be spring after all. Oh no I've just had a worrying thought.... has summer happened and I missed it! Or have they swapped the sequence of the seasons??? Whatever it is its rubbish.

So big thanks to you all who came to play last week - you are a clever lot. There were some beautiful submissions. Thank you for sharing them with us.

So the winner of last weeks challenge is Lizzy. Well done! Email me at the gorjuss email and I'll get the prize on its way to you.

So this weeks challenge is 'round and round' I was sat thinking up new challenges and this one kind of went round and round in my head.... so there it is! We'd like to see circles on your submissions please. It can either be a round card or something round on it please. The prize sponsor this week is from Meyer Imports - they have the most fantastic German glass glitters and fibres you can think of!

As usual the Gorjussettes have made some fantastic samples to inspire you.


So aren't they just fantastic?

So we'd love to see what you do too.

Entry as always with Mr Linky - please link to your submission and not your blog. Non bloggers can enter via New work only please.

Saturday 8 May 2010

Challenge 29 - pink and green

Hi there! OK who stole the whole of summer? I mean surely those two days weren't all we're having? Its been absolutely perishing here today! A lazy wind, you know the sort that goes straight through you its so cold. So I do hope you're having a better time of it than here.

Thanks to all who came to play last week, you made some wonderful things! Some of you are very talented in the stitching department. So who did the random picky thing pick? He picked Bella! Email me please and I'll sort out your prize.

So what is the challenge this week? Well we thought we'd brighten things up a bit and have a colour challenge. Something nice and cheerful - pink and green it is then! The prize this week is a lovely paper pad from the super talented Stephanie (I'll try and pop a photo up when I've time)

So what have the Gorjussettes done? Made some beautiful cards that's what!


So cute huh? Do they make you feel a bit more summery? Well at least until you look out of the window anyway!

So we'd love to see your pink and green combinations.

Remember new work only please. Enter via Mr Linky linking to your entry and not your blog.

Saturday 1 May 2010

Challenge 28 - in stitches


OK fess up! Who stole most of the week? I mean one second it was Saturday and now its Saturday again! What happened to the time in between? When I do find out who has it.... well I shan't be pleased. I mean it has nothing to do with three games of golf does it? Nor the copious amounts of cakes I've made either..... Well perhaps it might do just a smidgen ;))

So thanks to all who came to play Gorjuss with us last week. You did some gorgeous things with those Gorjuss Girl stamps you clever lot - the Gorjussettes and me were uber impressed. So to the lucky winner, well the Random Picky Thing did his usual moaning and groaning but eventually he chose Debs Well done Debs your little pink GG was a treat! Email me at the TG email and I'll sort your prize for you.

So onto this weeks challenge. Now you know me - not literally but I like a laugh so I want you in stitches this week. Yup I'd like some stitchery on your cards. Now again me being me if can be real stitching if you're clever or it can be fake if you're like me! So real or not we'd like to see what you do please. This week we're sponsored by the lovely Joanna Sheen. The lucky winner will receive a £10 voucher for her shop - and there's no p and p either ;))

Let me show you what the Gorjussettes have done - they're super duper!

So wow huh?

Pretty darn fab I reckon. So the Gorjussettes and me would love to see what you do. Remember real or pretend stitches are just fine so get those needles, or if you're like me, pens out!

New work only and link to your entry and not your blog. Email entries to the totally gorjuss email