Saturday 24 November 2012

Challenge 159 - don't be square!

Well howdy there peeps, I hope none of you are affected by some of this dreadful weather.  Yesterday was lashing rain and high winds.  At one point I thought the conservatory was going to be blown off the house!  Todays has been really lovely, sun, no wind, no rain.... bizarre to say the least.  I know some places have had thunder and lightening!

So enough weather drivel - thanks to our players from last week.  The RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Francesca  please email me with the challenge number in the title oh and please grab our super winners blinkie.

Now this week is another easy challenge, but aren't they all?  (the answer by the way is yes!)  This week we don't want to see any square creations!  See told you it was easy.  Our sponsor this week is the lovely Jill from The Hobby House  Jill has some stunning embellies and the most lovely pre coloured images for an extra quick card, hmm maybe I should get myself some.....

So as always the Gorjussettes were not phased by my challenge!



So fabby huh?  Told you it was easy!

As always please remember the rules folks.

Saturday 17 November 2012

Challenge 158 - plain and simple

Oh Mr Blogger! I had this all scheduled.... so I thought!  Mr B had other ideas and has saved it away somewhere else!  So who know at sometime in the future you may get a feeling of dejas vu when it appears again.  Still the Gorjussettes cards are so lovely they'd be worth a second look!

Now the RPT has done his stuff and he's chosen Abigael  Please email me with the challenge number in the title.
So onto this weeks challenge - its easy.... we'd like something plain and simple!  We're sponsored by Heathers Hobbie Haven  the lucky winner will receive $10 to spend online - and there's masses to choose from!

So lets see this weeks inspiration...

So there you go like I said easy ;))  As always folks please remember the rules.


Saturday 10 November 2012

Challenge 157 - pastel Christmas

Well howdy there peeps. Now I've had something confirmed to me only today... you may not know this.... but its official there will be Christmas this year!  Yipes just when I thought maybe it wasn't going to happen and I could sit back with my feet up.  But it appears not and the other thing I heard is that its not going to be so far away either!  Double yipes!

So big thanks to our players from last week - the RPT has done his stuff and he's chosen Lynne  Please email me your details with the challenge number in the title.

So seeing as its nearly that 'C' word thing the DT have made some Christmas cards to inspire you, oh and lets have them pastel coloured too.  Our sponsor this week is Crafters Companion  One lucky winner will get £10 to spend online (oh check out the offers they have on - amazing!)

So lets see what the Gorjusettes have to share;


So aren't they just fabulous?

So we'd love to see your pastel creations too, as always remember the rules!

Friday 2 November 2012

Challenge 156 - Anything goes...with a button!

Hi there peeps, how flipping cold is it?  Yup its pretty darn cold.... oh and dark early too as we put the clocks back last weekend.  So now its getting dark really early.... all I want to do is snuggle on the couch, close the curtains and eat candies!  Which is wrong on several levels... one its quite lazy, two its not good for me and three (most importantly)  I'll get so big I won't fit through the door!  But there's only two caramels left in the bag and it would be criminal to waste them wouldn't it?  And they are my faves with dark chocolate on so it would be criminal not to eat them.... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  I can start dieting tomorrow!

So big thanks to our players from last week - more lovely things to look at!  As always though there's only one winner and thats Meg  Please email me your details with the challenge number in the title.

So the theme this week is 'anything goes...with a button'  Our sponsor is Joanna Sheen, one winner person will get £10 to spend in Joannas online store - fabby huh?


So pretty good huh?  So go and dig out those buttons, I know you have some!

As always remember the rules!