Friday 30 December 2011

Challenge 112 - Happy

Well howdy all you folks out there! Have you all had a super duper fab-u-lous Christmas? I do hope so and that Santa was good to you all. I mean I'm sure no one was on the norty list were you? I wasn't! In fact in the run up I was EXTRA good. Work every time so I can highly recommend it.

I do find this time of year quite odd though - that time between Christmas and New Year I never know what day it is..... hmm no change there actually ;)) I call this time Chrimbo Limbo!

So onto business! Thanks to you all for showing us your special cards - they were beautiful! And of course thanks to all of you who have joined us through the year - thanks so much!

Now the RPT has done his stuff and he's picked Stacy to be the recipient of that Simon Says Stamp voucher.

So this is our last challenge of 2011! Only by a day I grant you ;)) This week we want to see something happy. Our sponsor is Lili of the Valley the makers of lush lush stamps.

So are you ready?

So aren't they just well Happy?

So we'd love to see how happy you can be too - remember there's Lili of the Valley goodies on offer.

As always please abide by the rules.

Saturday 17 December 2011

Challenge 111 - for someone special

Well howdy there reader, oops I hope its readers! Well did I have a shock when I crawled out of bed in the dark the other morning. As I peeped bleary eyed through the curtains I was thinking 'why is it so light, its 6.00am and should be dark...' Humph! It was light because it had only flipping snowed! Gah! Anyway my prayers were answered because it rained and went away! Result in my book.

So thanks for all of you came to play in my cyber snow - the best sort in my opinion. Lovely in fact I felt so chilly I had to pop on a scarf and gloves!

So the RPT has done his stuff and he's picked nana email me your details with the challenge number in the title line please.

So whats the challenge this week? Well rumour has it Christmas is just around the corner.... surely not? So lets see a card for a special someone! This week we're again sponsored by that well stocked crafters dream of Simon says Stamp.

Our lucky winner will get $10 to spend online! Honestly you'll be spoilt for choice ;))

The Gorjussettes have been wonderful as always;

So there you go - faberlous huh?

we're now having a short break - join us again on 31 December to start all over again!

So remember the rules please and use Mr Linky.

Saturday 10 December 2011

Challenge 110 - Let it snow

Well howdy there peeps! What a wild wild week we've had - and not in the gist of wild parties and such like. Nope very very wild weather! Over my side of the pond we've had some horrendous winds - 160mph in parts, I think that might be just a touch on the breezy side for my liking.

Thanks to you who came to play sketch last week ;)) RPT has done his stuff and the lucky winner of the Joanna Sheen voucher is Dora Email me your details with the challenge number in the title so I can get your prize to you.

So I'm really hoping that the title of this weeks theme doesn't tempt fate! Remember what we had this time last year? Yup masses of snow! Regardless our theme this week is 'Let it snow' so lets see some snow on your cards, personally I hope its the only place we, well me sees it ;)) We're sponsored again by Crafters Companion, £10 online spend for one lucky winner!

As usual the Gorjussettes have been inspired.

so there you go faberlous huh?

So I hope this is the only snow we see!

Remember to play by the rules and use Mr Linky.

Saturday 3 December 2011

Challenge 109 - Sketch

Howdy there folks! I came to a sad realisation this morning..... I went out to my car and it was white all over! It was covered in frost and ice! Yipes!!! Could I find an ice scraper? Of course I couldn't, and because I was being my usual last minute Minnie I didn't have time to find one either. Fingers are not the best method of comfortable ice removal ;))

Still all warm now thank goodness. Mahoosive thanks to you all who came to sparkle last week! Wow its fantastic that you all come to play. Who's the lucky winner? RPT has done his stuff (not without moaning I might add) and he's picked MaryD as the lucky winner of three images from Sylvia Zet! I was going to enter myself but didn't get a card done in time ;)) Email me your details Mary with the challenge number in the title line please.

So onto this week - oh apparently Christmas is just around the corner..... I don't believe it myself. Its ages! Its a sketch and as always we're sponsored by the fabulous Joanna Sheen The lucky winner will get £10 to spend in Joanna's super duper shop! And remember its free p and p too!

So here's the easy sketch;

And here's some inspiration

So fab-U-lous huh?

So please abide by the rules and use Mr Linky.

Saturday 26 November 2011

Challenge 108 - Sparkle

Howdy there folks!

Brr!!! November has arrived here, which is unfortunate because its almost December! So I'm really really hoping that there's nothing nasty around the corner! I'm not a fan of wearing twenty layers when I go out! I like to be able to move a bit ;))

thanks to you all who came to play last week - beautiful creations as always. The winner of the Simon Says Stamp voucher is Dotty Jo email me with the challenge number in the title and I'll sort your prize out for you.

So onto our challenge this week - this week we need Sparkle! Easy for those Christmas cards eh? We've a new sponsor this week - the lovely Sylvia Zet - that fabulous artist who draws Wee Stamps The lucky winner will receive 3 images of their choice. I'm thinking of entering myself actually....

As always the Gorjussettes have made some inspiration to help you along.

So aren't' they just fabulous?

So remember our rules; new stuff only, no back dating, link to here, link to your creation.

So come on lets see you sparkle!